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Current Affairs March 4 Quiz 2016

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Current Affairs March 2016 Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important event in Current Affairs, which is common for all the bank exams and other competitive exams.

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  1. Which city in India is going to get its first solar ferry?
    Answer: B) Allepey
    Explanation: Allepey, known as the Venice of the East is going to get its first 75 seated solar ferry which is built at a cost of 1.7 crores by NavAlt.

  2. Setu Bharatam project recently launched by PM is associated with which of the following fields?
    B.Road transport
    C.Marine projects
    D.Aviation sector
    Answer: a) Railways
    Explanation : The Setu Bharatam project will replace the existing railway crossings with Rail over Bridges at the cost of 20,800 also proposes to Map the 1,50,000 bridges across India. It is targeted to be completed by 2019.

  3. State Administrative Council which focuses on issues of Casual labourers and seasonal labourers is formed in which of the following states?
    A.New Delhi
    D.Jammu & Kashmir
    Answer: D) Jammu & Kashmir
    Explanation: The committee of SAC is formed to look into the issue of regularization of labourers in Jammu & Kashmir. The committee would be chaired by the Chief Secretary with the financial commissioner, Planning and Development department and some key official.

  4. Japan has pledged a loan of 5700 crores for development of Highway projects in which part of India?
    Answer : C) North-eastern
    Explanation: Japan International Cooperation Agency has pledged Official Development Assistance loan of Rs. 5700 core in two installments for widening and up gradation of National Highway projects in North East India.

  5. The United Nation Security Council has recently imposed sanctions on which of the following Nations for testing of Nuclear Ballistic Missile?
    C.South Korea
    D.North Korea
    Answer: D) North Korea
    Explanation: The recent nuclear test and the missile launch by North Korea which defied International sanctions have come under scrutiny by the UN Security Council. It was North Korea’s fourth nuclear test.

  6. Japan has signed a Defence pact to supply defence equipments with which of the following South Asian Nations recently?
    Answer : D) Phillipines
    Explanation: Japan signed an agreement with the Philippines to supply defence equipment, the first such pact by Japan in the South Asian region. Defence Secretary Voltaire Gazmin has signed pact with Japanese Ambassador to Philippines Kazuhide Ishikawa.

  7. Which of the following banks have signed a MoU recently with the Indian Army on the Defence salary Package?
    A.Bank of India
    B.Axis bank
    C.ICICI bank
    D.IndusInd bank
    Answer: D) IndusInd bank
    Explanation: A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Indian Army and Hinduja Grouped IndusInd Bank on the Defence Salary package

  8. World’s costliest Railway station has been opened in which of the following cities?
    D.New York
    Answer: d) New York
    Explanation: The world’s costliest Railway station has been started in New York in the place where the 9/11 attacks took place. It is built at the cost of $ 3.85 billion. It connects New Jersey to New York.

  9. Who has been awarded with DadaSaheb Phalke Award for the year 2015?
    A.Dilip kumar
    B.Manoj kumar
    C.Ratan thiyam
    D.Shashi kapoor
    Answer: b) Manoj Kumar
    Explanation : The highest award in cinema –Dadasaheb Phalke Award is given to the veteran Indian actor Manoj Kumar for the year 2015.

  10. Which Indo-American investor has been inducted into IMF as the Alternate executive director recently?
    A.Sunil Sabharwal
    B.Praveen Kumar Singhal
    C.Anil .M.Rao
    D.Dominique Strauss Khan
    Answer: A) Sunil Sabharwal
    Explanation: Sunil Sabharwal, an Indo-American Independent Investor has been confirmed by the US Senate to take up charge as the International Monetary Fund’s Alternate Executive Director. He is the first Indian to take up the post.

  11. Who has been recently appointed as the MD & CEO of Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX?)
    A.Mrugank Paranjape
    B.Praveen Kumar Singhal
    C.Rana Kapoor
    Answer: A) Mrugank Paranjape
    Explanation: Mrugank Paranjape has been appointed as the MD & CEO of MCX. MCX was started in 2003. Mrugank Paranjape is currently the head of Deutsche bank.

  12. Which spirit company has recently acquired Singapore based orbitol solutions?
    A.Pincon spirits
    B.Uday spirits
    D.Diaego spirits
    Answer: a) Pincon spirits
    Explanation: The Singapore based Orbitol solutions has been acquired by Pincon spirits. Pincon spirits has also signed three MoU’s to acquire Uday and Bengal spirits.

  13. Which U-23 team have won the C.K.Nayudu trophy 2015-16?
    Answer : C) Mumbai
    Explanation: Mumbai U 23 team clinched CK Nayudu Trophy 2015-16 title, by beating Madhya Pradeshby virtue of taking first innings lead at the MPCA Stadium in Indore. The total winning prize is 20 lakhs

  14. Who is the author of the book titled “Who was Shivaji” ?
    A.Govind Pansare
    B.Jain Acharya
    C.Anup Ashok sardesai
    D.Hindol Sengupta
    Answer : A) Govind Pansare
    Explanation : “Who was Shivaji ? “ is a book authored by Sri Govind Pansare , a CPI leader who was shot dead in February 2015. The book portrays Shivaji in a rare new light in contrast to the image created by the Hindu nationalist discourse. The controversial book has been printed in eight languages.

  15. March 4 is celebrated in India as?
    A.National Defence day
    B.National Youth day
    C.National security day
    D.National flag day
    Answer: c) National security day
    Explanation: March 4 is commemorated to the Elite forces of the nation, the whole Nation pays tribute to all the Security forces including policeman, commandos, guards, army officers and Para Military forces. This day also known as Rashtriya Suraksha Diwas