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Current Affairs March 3 Quiz 2016

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Current Affairs March 2016 Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important event in Current Affairs, which is common for all the bank exams and other competitive exams.

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  1. Which State recently proposed to illuminate its 25 municipalities with LED?
    B.Andhra Pradesh
    Answer: A) Telengana
    Explanation: The Telengana government has proposed to illuminate 25 municipalities with LED lamps within 100 days.

  2. Who was recently conferred with the 11th META theatre Lifetime achievement Award?
    A.Sanjiv Kapoor
    B.Ratan Thiyam
    C.George Kennedy
    Answer: B) Ratan Thiyam
    Explanation: META theatre award constituted by Mahindra group is India’s premier theatre awards. Ratan Thiyam has been given the Lifetime achievement award in 11TH META Theatre awards

  3. Which city has been ranked as the most expensive city in the world in the recent survey released by Real estate firm Savills?
    Answer: C) London
    Explanation: A recent UK study conducted by Real estate firm Savills reveals that London is the most expensive city to live in overtaking Hong Kong. The only Indian city in the list is Mumbai occupying 17th position

  4. The Ministry of Railways has signed MoU’s with which of the two countries focusing mainly on railway safety?
    A.Japan & Canada
    B.Russia & china
    C.US & Japan
    D.Japan & Russia
    Answer: D) Japan & Russia
    Explanation: The cabinet gave its approval to the MoU’s signed by Ministry of Railways with Japan & Russia in various fields focusing mainly in the areas of safety.

  5. Palestine has nominated which of the following persons for the Post of UN Secretary General?
    A.Antonio Gutteres
    B.Helle Thorning Schmidt
    C.Danilo Turk
    D.Natalia Gherman
    Answer: A) Antonio Gutteres
    Explanation: Antonio Gutteres the former UN High commissioner of Refugees has been nominated by Palestine for the post of UN Secretary General succeeding Ban-Ki-Moon.

  6. Martin Crowe -the veteran cricket player who recently passed away belongs to which Nation?
    D.South Africa
    Answer: B) New-Zealand
    Explanation: Martin Crowe the former Captain of New-Zealand team passed away. He was inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame last year.

  7. What is the aid granted by European Union for Palestine?
    A.$ 250 Million
    B.$274 Million
    C.$ 252 Million
    D.$ 352 Million
    Answer: B) $ 274 Million
    Explanation: The EU has recently granted 252 million Euros for Palestine as aid through PEGASE scheme which is $274 million

  8. Which Business group recently acquired the Old War historic building of London?
    A.Hinduja group
    B.Reliance group
    C.Tata Consultancy Services
    D.Adani Group
    Answer: a) Hinduja group
    Explanation: Hinduja group along with its Danish partner acquired the Old War historic building of London and have proposed to set up an Apartment and a five star building

  9. March 3rd is globally celebrated as?
    A.World Environment Day
    B.World wildlife day
    C.World water day
    D.World meteorological day
    Answer: B) World Wildlife Day
    Explanation: World Wildlife day has been celebrated globally on March 3rd since 2013. Future of wildlife is in our hands is the theme of 2016.

  10. When was the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council which is going to be wound up setup?
    Answer: C) 2004
    Explanation: National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council was set up in 2004.The Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs has proposed to wind up the council as its function has been fulfilled.

  11. Which poet was chosen for the Bihari Puraskar Award of 2015?
    A.Shobana Bhartia
    B.Bhagawathi Lal Vyas
    C.Badal Sarkar
    D.Zohra Seghal
    Answer: B) Bhagwathi Lal Vyas
    Explanation: Eminent poet Bhagwathi Lal Vyas has been chosen for the Bihari Puraskar Prize in the year 2015 for his anthology poems ‘Katha Sun Aawe Hai Sabad’

  12. The Carriage by Air amendment bill recently passed in Rajya Sabha proposes to amend which of the following feature of the Aviation sector?
    A.Salary of the Pilots
    B.Reduction in subsidies to Aviation sector
    C.Increase in compensation for air travelers in case of death, injury, lost baggage
    D.Extension of existing Air routes
    Answer: C) Increase in compensation for air travelers in case of death, injury, lost baggage
    Explanation: The amendment in the Carriage by Air bill has proposed to increase the compensation given for air travelers in case of death, injury, lost of baggage or even delay of flights. The amendment will make the Indian Airlines to pay compensation equal to their Global counterparts.

  13. The organizing committee of 12th South Asian Games has proposed to set up the Tikhor park in which of the North eastern states?
    A.Meghalaya & Mizoram
    B.Assam & Tripura
    C.Meghalaya & Assam
    D.Mizoram & Sikkim
    Answer: C) Meghalaya & Assam
    Explanation: Organizing Committee of the 12th South Asian Games has decided to set up Tikhor Park (Games Mascot) in Guwahati (Assam) and Shillong (Meghalaya) and Rs. 2 Crore has been earmarked on behalf of the project to preserve the legacy of the South Asian Games

  14. Which Asian country has recently launched its first self propelling dock to modernize its Navy?
    Answer: C) China
    Explanation: In a move to modernize Beijing’s Navy, China has launched its first self propelled floating dock, giving it the ability to repair warships from the coast

  15. Who has been named as Vistara’s new Chief Strategy officer?
    A.Gurcharan das
    B.Sanjiv Kapoor
    C.Rana Kapoor
    D.Pierre Worezeck
    Answer: B) Sanjiv Kapoor
    Explanation: Sanjiv Kapoor has been appointed as Chief strategy and commercial officer of Vistara. Prior to his new appointment he served as a Chief Operating Officer at Spice Jet. Tata Company holds 51% stake in the joint venture Gurgaon based Airline Company Vistara, Singapore Airlines is the minor stake holder in Vistara.