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Current Affairs March 31 Quiz 2016

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Current Affairs March 2016 Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important event in Current Affairs, which is common for all the bank exams and other competitive exams.

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  1. Which village has become the first liquor free village in Rajasthan?
    a) Kachhabali
    b) Hanumangarh
    c) Pratapgarh
    d) Karauli
    Answer: a) Kachhabali
    Explanation: Kachabali village in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, has become the first in state to vote in support of closing down the only liquor shop in the village

  2. Where is the India’s Arbitration centre going to be set up?
    a) New Delhi
    b) Mumbai
    c) Hyderabad
    d) Chennai
    Answer: b) Mumbai
    Explanation: The financial capital of India, Mumbai is likely to get the International Arbitration Centre. This will be the India’s first arbitration centre for dealing the financial disputes.

  3. The Union Government on 30 March 2016 announced the Unified Building Bye-Laws for
    a) Andaman and Nicobar
    b) Delhi
    c) Uttar Pradesh
    d) Pondicherry
    Answer: b) Delhi
    Explanation: The Union government has been constantly taking efforts in reducing the paperwork and it motivates the single window system that makes the obtaining of approvals easier and faster. One such effort is the unified building bye laws proposed by the central government in Delhi.

  4. Singing National Anthem on every Wednesday has been made compulsory by UP in?
    a) Government Buildings
    b) Private Companies
    c) Universities
    d) Primary Schools
    Answer: d) Primary Schools
    Explanation: The national anthem must be sung by the Students every day in the primary schools of Uttar Pradesh and on every Wednesday, schools will have to observe swachhata diwas -Cleanliness Day.

  5. Which organization declared West Africa as Ebola free?
    a) UN
    b) UNESCO
    c) WHO
    d) UNICEF
    Answer: c) WHO
    Explanation: WHO has declared the Ebola outbreak to be no longer a global threat as the disease is under control and necessary measures are available to treat the epidemic. It has also declared West Africa as Ebola free.

  6. ICCR will set up its first chair in which Arab university ?
    a) Ain Shams University
    b) Beirut Arab University
    c) University of Jordan
    d) University of Sharjah
    Answer: a) Ain Shams University
    Explanation: India will institute its first Chair in the Arab world at Egypt’s third largest university AinShams University (ASU) in Cairo.

  7. In April, SEBI has proposed to raise the FPI limit from 1,35,400 crore to ?
    a) 1,39,000 crore
    b) 1,40,000 crore
    c) 1,42,000 crore
    d) 1,44,000 crore
    Answer: b) 1,40,000 crore
    Explanation: The market regulator SEBI has raised the FPI (Foreign Portfolio Investors) investment limit in government securities to 1,40,000 crore from April,4. This will help in attracting more foreign inflow into the nation.

  8. Which country has committed 14251 crores to India for 5 major Infrastructure projects?
    a) Russia
    b) UK
    c) Japan
    d) France
    Answer: c) Japan
    Explanation: Japan has been providing support to India both financially and technically when it comes to the development of Infrastructure. It has now committed a loan worth 242.2 billion yen (14251 crores) for the various infrastructure projects in India.

  9. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of IDSA?
    a) Jitendra Jagota
    b) Rahul Khullar
    c) Naina lal Kilwadi
    d) Ashwin Pandya
    Answer: a) Jitendra Jagota
    Explanation: Self-regulatory body for the direct selling industry in India named JitendraJagota as the new Chairman in its new Executive Committee at the General Body Meeting held in New Delhi.

  10. Who has been chosen as the first female speaker of Vietnam?
    a) Truong Tan Tsang
    b) Jean Munro
    c) Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan
    d) Htin Kyaw
    Answer: c) Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan
    Explanation: Vietnam has chosen Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan as its first female speaker. She became the first female speaker of the nation and also elected as the chairperson of National Election council with 467 votes out of 477.

  11. Which Ministry had launched GIS-enabled HMIS application and the self-printing of e-CGHS cards on 29 March 2016?
    a) Union Home Affairs Ministry
    b) Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry
    c) Union Women and Children Ministry
    d) Union Finance Ministry
    Answer: b) Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry
    Explanation: Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare JP Nadda has launched two major Digital initiatives to provide easy access to health services to the public to strengthen the public health systems and providing user-friendly health services. The Services are GIS-enabled HMIS application and the self-printing of e-CGHS card.

  12. A group of scientists discovered sand-eating tadpole of Indian Dancing Frog Family Micrixalidae in which of the following mountain ranges?
    a) Eastern Ghats
    b) Karakoram
    c) Western Ghats
    d) Cardamom Hills
    Answer: c) Western Ghats
    Explanation: Sand-eating tadpoles has been discovered by scientists from the Various Universities in the Western Ghats.These species named Micrixalidae belongs to the so-called Indian Dancing Frog family.

  13. Russia in March 2016 gave approval to this company to acquire 15 percent stake in Vankor oilfield for 1.3 billion US dollars?
    a) ONGC Videsh Limited
    b) Oil India Limited
    c) Bharat Petroleum Ltd
    d) Indian Oil Corporation
    Answer: a) ONGC Videsh Limited
    Explanation: Russia has approved a deal of ONGC Videsh Ltd (OVL) to acquire 15% stake in Vankor oilfield from Rosneft, The deal size of 1.3 billion US dollars’was signed between the OVL and Rosneft in September 2015

  14. Name the country that on 30 March 2016 announced that it will end its Operation Sangaris in the Central African Republic in 2016.
    a) France
    b) United States
    c) Russia
    d) Britain
    Answer: a) France
    Explanation: France will end its three year long military operation ‘Sangaris’ in Central African Republic which came into force in 2013 following a communal violence.

  15. Who was sworn-in as President of Central African Republic on 30 March 2016?
    a) Anicet Georges Dologuele
    b) Faustin Archange Touadera
    c) Francois Bozize
    d) Nicolas Tiangaye
    Answer: b) Faustin Archange Touadera
    Explanation: Faustin-Archange Touadera was sworn in as the president of the Central African Republic in the main stadium at Bangui.

  16. The Asia’s biggest optical telescope ARIES located at nainital launched by Modi is a collaboration between India and?
    a) Germany
    b) France
    c) Belgium
    d) Israel
    Answer: c) Belgium
    Explanation: A Major achievement and progress in the field of Astronomy, the Aryabhatta Research Institute for Observational Sciences abbreviated as ARIES the first optical telescope is set to be inaugurated by PM Modi in Nainital. It is a collaboration between India and Belgium.