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Current Affairs April 27 Quiz 2016

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Current Affairs April 2016 Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important event in Current Affairs, which is common for all the bank exams and other competitive exams.

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  1. Which government has initiated to buy short term power of 100-200 MW through E-auction with nine biddings?
    Answer – B.Uttarakhand
    Explanation :
    The Government will start to buy short term ranging from a day to one year procurement through e-auction with nine biddings.

  2. Who headed the committee constituted by the Information and Broadcasting ministry to suggest measures to help Censor Board members?
    A.Kamal Hasan
    B.Rishi Kapoor
    C.Shyam Benegal
    D.Mangal Pandey
    Answer – C.Shyam Bengal
    Explanation :
    Film Maker Shyam Benegal headed committee constituted by the Information and broadcasting ministry to suggest measures to help board members to understand the distinctions of film certification of the censor board.

  3. India hosts the Heart of Asia or Istanbul process to address regional issues and economic cooperation among which country?
    Answer – D.Afghanistan
    Explanation :
    Expand Co-operation between Afghanistan and its neighbours in challenging counter terrorism, Poverty and Extremism

  4. Ministry of Railways has decided to invest Rs. 1 Lakh crore in Rashtriya Rail Sanraksha Kosh scheme to ensure railway’s _____________________ mission.
    A.Women Safety
    C.Tensionless Ticket booking
    D.Zero Accident
    Answer – D.Zero Accident
    Explanation :
    The announced fund will help to accomplish railway’s zero accident mission by strengthening the safety measures on the rail network in a comprehensive way

  5. Government of Haryana has notified which scheme for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to encourage water harvesting and conservation in Industrial Units?
    A.Water measures audit
    B.Water Audit Control
    C.Water Audit Scheme
    D.Water Control Scheme
    Answer – C.Water Audit Scheme
    Explanation :
    The move involves measuring the actual water consumption in the premises of the enterprise, comparing it with an estimate of the minimum water required to undertake the process and establishing technically and economically feasible measures to achieve the same.

  6. Indian Navy to set up a New Naval detachment at ________________________ of Lakshadweep as part of measures to enhance surveillance of crucial shipping lanes.
    D.Agatti Island
    Answer – B.Androth
    Explanation :
    Lakshadweep and Minicoy islands occupy a Strategic location in the Arabian SeA.The Detachment will enhance the surveillance and contribute significant strength to Security and Stability

  7. Who has been awarded the Player of the Year award adjudged by the Professional Footballer’s Association?
    A.Riyad Mahrez
    B.Riyad Ibrahim
    C.Riyad Mahela
    D.Riyad Mohd
    Answer – A.Riyad Mahrez
    Explanation :
    Riyad Mahrez of Algeria who is the first African to receive the PFA Player of the Year Award.The Award chosen by players in the English Premier Leader.

  8. What is the logo for Tokyo 2020 Olympics released by Olympic Association to be placed under the five interlocking Olympic rings?
    A.Holy Elephant
    B.Snake Eye
    C.Lion Piercing
    D.Holding Hands
    Answer – B.Snake Eye
    Explanation :
    Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organizers’ released a new snake eye logo featuring an indigo coloured check in the design of the logo.

  9. The famous Human Rights campaigner Harry wu passed away recently at the age of 79 belongs to which country?
    Answer – C.China
    Explanation :
    Wu hails from Shanghai and studied geology at University. He authored various books including the Chinese Gulag, Bitter Winds and Troublemaker.

  10. Which city ranks no 1 in the Noisiest City as reported by Central Pollution Control Board and reportedly violating the safe noise levels during 2011-14?
    Answer – A.Mumbai
    Explanation :
    Central Pollution Control Board observed that noise pollution limit is defined as noise level beyond the 55dB during day and 45dB during night. Mumbai is reported the maximum violation of safe noise levels.

  11. Which State power Distribution Company Limited has become the first e-office electricity distribution company among all power utilities in India?
    A.Andhra Pradesh
    Answer – A.Andhra Pradesh
    Explanation :
    Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power Distribution Company Limited is to clear the files devoid of any delay and to ensure transparency and accountability.

  12. NASA has unveiled the launch of the ____________________ initiative in 2017 budget which aims to a new generation of X plans program for Green Aviation.
    A.New Aviation Opportunity
    B.New Aviation Horizon
    C.New Aviation Rover
    D.New Horizon
    Answer – B.New Aviation Horizon
    Explanation :
    New Generation of X planes that are fueled by greener energy uses half of the fuel and commercial aircraft and generates 75 percent less pollution

  13. Who has been re-elected as the prime minister of Tibetan Government belongs to National Democratic party?
    A.Lobsang Mangey
    B.Lobsang Bonge
    C.Lobsang Sakye
    D.Lobsang Sangay
    Answer – D.Lobsang Sangay
    Explanation :
    Sangay crushed his only threat Penpa Tsering, receiving about 58% and result in the northern Indian town of Dharmsala

  14. Jagendra singh gets Press club award for bravery in Journalism belongs to which state who was killed allegedly for expresses his thoughts on illegal sand mining?
    A.Madhya Pradesh
    B.Uttar Pradesh
    C.Himachal Pradesh
    D.Andhra Pradesh
    Answer – B.Uttar Pradesh
    Explanation :
    Uttar Pradesh based brave Journalist Jagendra Singh posthumously honoured with Redink Veer Patrakar Puraskar award organized by Mumbai Press Club

  15. Which information services company has launched Hunter Fraud Score a new scoring mechanism that measures the probability of fraud in a credit application?
    Answer – C.Experian
    Explanation :
    The Company had launched the Hunter Fraud Management services for the insurance sector in India and have 6 Life Insurance Companies.