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Current Affairs April 17 Quiz 2016

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Current Affairs April 2016 Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important event in Current Affairs, which is common for all the bank exams and other competitive exams.

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  1. Indian Leader Netaji Subash Chandra bose’s Driver still alive at age of 116 years and he opens a bank account recently in SBI. Who is he/she?
    A.Colonel Azaruddin
    B.Colonel Nizamuddin
    C.Colonel Akbar Ali
    D.Colonel Saif Ali
    Answer – B.Colonel Nizamuddin
    Explanation :
    Colonel Nizamuddin alias Saifuddin who is Netaji’s Driver shows Voter Identity Card and Passport as proof of Identity to open the Bank account in State Bank of IndiA.He was born in 1900.

  2. In which Airport, World’s Largest ‘Charkha’ to be displayed to showcase India’s symbol of non-violence to the world through Airport?
    A.Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi
    B.Chatrapathi Sivaji International Airport in Mumbai
    C.Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru
    D.Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad
    Answer – A.Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi
    Explanation :
    Wooden Charkha – Spinning Wheel which is largest in world is to be installed at Terminal 3 of IGI, New Delhi. Initiative by Khadi and Village Industries Commission, Ahmedabad Chairman, VK Saxena.

  3. Indian Army conducts exclusive battle exercise in Rajasthan to evaluate the capability of the Army to strike deep into enemy territory in an integrated air-land battle environment. Name the Exercise?
    Answer – C.SHATRUJEET
    Explanation :
    Nearly 30,000 soldiers take part in exercise SHATRUJEET in the deserts of Rajasthan to ensure the forces are provided real war-like situations and are kept in a high state of battle readiness. The Exercise culminates on April 23.

  4. Union Government announced how much amount for SC/ST Gang rape and Murder or acid attack victims towards minimum compensation from State Government?
    A.6.5 Lakh
    B.7.5 Lakh
    C.8.5 Lakh
    D.9.5 Lakh
    Answer – C.8.5 Lakh
    Explanation :
    Amendment of SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act, 1995, Union Government advised the State Government to compensate of Rs. 8.5 Lakh for SC/ST victim.

  5. Hyderabad based Indian School of Business Signed Memorandum of Understanding with which university for collaboration in innovation, entrepreneurship and research for 5 years?
    A.Harvard University
    B.Oxford University
    C.Indian Institute of Management
    D.Singapore Management University
    Answer – D.Singapore Management University
    Explanation :
    ISB inked MOU with Singapore Management University in Hyderabad to exchange Faculty and students and contribute their ideas.

  6. India’s poorest district that is in Odisha will get its first Government model Degree College. Find the correct district Name.
    Answer – C.Nabarangpur
    Explanation :
    Poorest District where college being built at a cost of Rs. 8.87 Crore, will offer Arts, Commerce and Science Streams.

  7. A US grand jury has fined of $940 million to the famous software Giant groups for stealing the software. Find the Groups?
    Answer – C.TATA
    Explanation :
    A US grand jury has slapped $ 940 million fine on two companies of India’s Tata group namely Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Tata America International Corp for stealing its software

  8. Union Government allows which country Hindu people to buy Property, Open bank Accounts and get PAN cards as well as Aadhaar who staying in India on Long Term Visa?
    Answer – D.Pakistan
    Explanation :
    People belonging to minority communities of Paksitan who are staying as Long term Visa in India can apply for PAN card and Aadhaar, Open Bank Accounts and buy property.

  9. A famous Travels assistance firm Noble Travels has recently inducted Online Visa assistance portal to get the information and facilitation services. Find the portal?
    Answer – A.VisaforSure
    Explanation :
    Noble Travels has launched its online Visa assistance portal and will be offering information and facilitation services to customers. Earlier launched its hotel room auction and Bidding website.

  10. Who won Sultan Azlan Shah cup hockey Tournament in the year 2016 which was held in Malaysia?
    D.New Zealand
    Answer – B.Australia
    Explanation :
    Australia clinches the cup huge 4-0 goal over IndiA.Australia won the tournament for a record ninth time. New Zealand took the Third place whereas Host team grabbed Fourth position.

  11. Who has won the Chinese Grand Prix and he becomes the fourth driver in F1 histroy to win continuous Six races?
    A.Sebastian Vettel
    B.Michael Schumacher
    C.Alberto Ascari
    D.Nico Rosberg
    Answer – D.Nico Rosberg
    Explanation :
    German based F1player Nico Rosberg wins Chinese GP over Mercedenico Team mate Lewis Hamilton for sixth straight Formula One victory and he becomes the fourth driver in F1 history to win six straight races, joining Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher and Alberto Ascari.

  12. The Finance Minister’s public relations officer and former journalist has passed away recently. Who is he/she?
    Answer – A.D.Ravinder
    Explanation :
    Finance Minister Eatala Rajender’s Public Relations Officer and former journalist D.Ravinder passed away and hails from Raikal of Karimnagar District, Telangana

  13. The Blood Clotting disorder disease Hemophilia was observed internationally as world Hemophilia day to create the awareness on_____________
    A.April 17
    B.April 15
    C.April 20
    D.April 27
    Answer – A.April 17
    Explanation :
    Every year on April 17, World Hemophilia Day is observed by internationally – World Federation of HemophiliA. It is an awareness day for Hemophilia and other bleeding hemodisorders.

  14. The nationalized Bank Oriental Bank of Commerce raises how much shares to Life Insurance Corporation on a preferential Basis?
    A.Rs. 168 Crore
    B.Rs. 188 Crore
    C.Rs. 178 Crore
    D.Rs. 278 Crore
    Answer – C.Rs. 178 Crore
    Explanation :
    Oriental Bank of Commerce raises over 178 crore by issuing shares to Life Insurance Corporation on a preferential basis.

  15. The World Anti-Doping Agency got back the accreditation of the of which Antidoping center due to non-compliance with the International Standard for Laboratories?
    C.New York
    Answer – A.Moscow
    Explanation :
    World Anti-Doping Agency revoked the accreditation of the Moscow Antidoping Center of Russia due to non-compliance with the International Standard for Laboratories and the related Technical Documents