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DEPwD Signs 2 MoUs: One with EMA; Other between ISLRTC & YUNIKEE to Empower Persons With DisabilitiesDEPwD Signs Two Significant MoUs towards empowering persons with disabilities The Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPwD) under the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment (MSJE) signed 2 significant Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs), under the guidance of Rajesh Aggarwal, Secretary, DEPwD, to empower persons with disabilities (Divyangjan).
i.The 1st MoU was signed between DEPwD and the “Enable Me” Access Association (EMA) ,and
ii.the 2nd MoU was signed between the Indian Sign Language Research and Training Center (ISLRTC) and YUNIKEE.
With these MoUs, DEPwD aims to create an inclusive environment, ensuring equal opportunities in education, employment, and social life for Divyangjan.
Points to Note:

  • YUNIKEE helps organisations build and make products and services accessible for the deaf community in Sign Language.
  • EMA is a Gujarat based not-for-profit organisation(NGO) promoting accessibility and inclusion for all across diverse sectors including Differently Abled, Children, Civic Issues, etc.
  • ISLRTC is an autonomous body under the DEPwD, MSJE.

Key Attendees:
Rajeev Sharma, Joint Secretary, DEPwD; Dr. Honnareddy N, Director, ISLRTC; Chaithanya Kothapalli, Co-Founder (Technology), YUNIKEE; Peter Gibson, Chairman, and Anubha Singhal, Co-founder & Director, EMA
MoU with EMA:
i.The MoU with the EMA includes the launch of 2 advanced accessibility training programs for panel accessibility auditors and Central Public Works Department (CPWD) engineers.
ii.The objectives of the MoU include:

  • Train on Universal Design using Indian accessibility standards.
  • Develop integrated tools for knowledge dissemination of these standards.
  • Provide joint training on Indian accessibility standards for various groups identified by DEPwD.
  • Create a software tool for accessibility education, to support Accessible India Campaign 2.0 (Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan 2.0).
  • Assist DEPwD in rectifying policies undermining the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPwD) Act, 2016.

MoU between the ISLRTC & YUNIKEE:
i.The objective of this MoU is to provide free and accessible skills to the deaf community and their youth.
ii.The Benefits of this MoU:

  • Enhances career advancement and secures high-quality jobs for deaf youth.
  • Promotes self-reliance through freelancing and other opportunities.

About the Indian Sign Language Research and Training Center (ISLRTC):
Director – Dr. Honnareddy N
Headquarters– New Delhi, Delhi
Established in 2015


UNESCO Designated 11 New Biosphere ReservesUNESCO designates 11 new biosphere reservesUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has designated 11 new Biosphere Reserves (BR) in 11 countries including 2 transboundary biosphere reserves. For the 1st time biosphere reserves from Belgium and Gambia were included in UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

  • Now, the World Network of Biosphere Reserves consists of total 759 sites in 136 countries including 24 transboundary sites.
  • These 11 new BRs were approved during the 36th session of the International Co-ordinating Council (ICC), the governing body of UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere (MAB) programme held in Agadir, Morocco from 2nd July to 5th July, 2024.

Key Points:
i.These newly approved biosphere reserves covers a total area of 37,400 square kilometer (km2) which is equivalent to the size of the Netherlands.
ii.Kempen-Broek tansboundary BR (between Belgium and Kingdom of the Netherlands) and Julian Alps transboundary BR (between Italy and Slovenia) were the only 2 transboundary BRs among the 11 new BRs approved by UNESCO.
iii.Apart from Belgium and Gambia, the other new biosphere reserves are located in Colombia, Dominican Republic, Italy, Mongolia, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Philippines, Republic of Korea, Slovenia and Spain.
Note: 12 BRs of India has been recognized internationally under MAB Programme.
About United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation(UNESCO):
Director-General- Audrey Azoulay
Headquarters Paris, France
Member Nations- 194 member states and 12 associate members
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WHO Launches MeDevIS: A Global Platform For Medical Device InformationFSSAI To Make Mandatory Labelling Of Salt, Sugar And Fat (2)The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched the ‘Medical Devices Information System’ (MeDevIS), an innovative online platform serving as the first global open access resource for information on medical devices.

  • The MeDevIS platform began operational in March 2024 to facilitate consultation with WHO Member States. It was made available to the public through on July 8 2024.
  • WHO has created the first worldwide repository for medical devices, relying on its experience with the WHO Priority Medical Devices List (MDL) and the WHO Essential Medicines List (EML).

Note: The EML, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2025.
About MeDevIS:
i.MeDevIS features information on 2,301 types of medical devices which treat a variety of health conditions, including reproductive, maternal, newborn; non-communicable diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes; and infectious diseases such as COVID 19.
ii.The current landscape features disparate sources of information from various international organisations and regulatory bodies, which can be challenging for users to navigate.

  • It offering a single, comprehensive database where users can find details about medical devices, including their type, required healthcare system level, scope, and necessary infrastructure.

iii.It references two international naming systems for medical devices : European Medical Device Nomenclature (EMDN) and Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN).
iv.It helps the national policy makers to develop or update their own national lists for procurement of health technologies and devices and so contribute towards universal health coverage.
i.MeDevIS is designed to assist governments, regulators, and users in making decisions on the selection, procurement, and use of medical devices for diagnosing, testing, and treating diseases and health conditions.
ii.It aims to provide a one stop shop of international information, which can be invaluable for individuals making decisions on life-saving medical technologies,particularly in resource-limited settings, and to improve access.
About the World Health Organization (WHO):
Director-General (DG)- Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
Headquarters – Geneva, Switzerland
Established – 1948

Vietnam Tops List of Most Affordable Countries for Expats; India Ranks 6thVietnam tops list of most affordable countries for expats, India ranks 6thAccording to the Expat Insider 2024 Survey, for the Personal Finance Index category conducted by InterNations, Vietnam topped the list of most affordable countries for expatriates or immigrants for 4th consecutive term as 86% of expats in the country rated the cost of living positively, 65% are satisfied with the financial situation and 68% considered their household income comfortable enough for survival.

  • While, India was ranked at 6th spot among the top 10 most affordable countries for immigrants in the list.
  • Colombia, a Latin American country has improved its ranking from 7th (in 2023) to 2nd position (2024), followed by Indonesia and Panama ranked at 3rd and 4th position in the list respectively.

About Expat Insider 2024 Survey:
i.The survey has covered over 12,000 expats across 174 territories worldwide.
ii.For a country to be featured in the list must have at least 50 respondents. This year only 53 destinations passed the threshold of 50 respondents.
iii.It has evaluated these 53 destinations based on key factors such as: quality of life, digital connectivity, housing availability, career prospects, salary levels, and job security.
iv.The survey found that financial reasons as motivating factors among the expats in countries like: Panama(15% against 12% globally), the Philippines (5%) and Thailand (4%).
Top 6 Most Affordable Countries for Expats:

5ththe Philippines
6th India

Key Highlights:
i.Among the top 10 countries in the rankings, 6 are from Asia region: Vietnam(1st), Indonesia (3rd ), the Philippines (5th ), India (6th),Thailand(8th) and China (10th ) spot.

  • From these 6 countries in Top 10, 4 are from South East Asia i.e. Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

ii.4 countries in the top 10 of the rankings are from Latin America: Colombia (2nd ), Panama (4th ), Mexico (7th) and Brazil (9th).

  • For the 1st time, Brazil made it to top 10 affordable countries for expats by replacing Malaysia which slipped to 11th position in 2024 rankings.

iii. The top 5 least affordable countries in 2024 rankings are: Canada (53th), Finland (52nd), the United Kingdom (UK) (51st), Ireland (50th) and Norway (49th). Except, Canada, remaining 4 least affordable countries are from Europe.
iv.Among the new bottom 10 countries in 2024 rankings, 3 are from Middle-Eastern countries: Bahrain (46th ), Türkiye (45th ) and Kuwait (44th ).
v.With an improvement of 22 places in the ranking, South Korea (15th) shows an impressive jump compared to its 37th place in 2023.
About InterNations:
It is one of the largest international expat networks and has its presence in 420 cities worldwide.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)- Philipp von Plato
Headquarters- Munich, Germany
Established- 2007


PNB Introduces ‘Safety Ring’ To Enhance Security For Internet and Mobile Banking UsersPNB introduces Safety Ring mechanismPunjab National Bank (PNB), India’s leading Public Sector Bank (PSB) has introduced a new security mechanism ‘Safety Ring’ within its Internet Banking System (IBS) and Mobile Banking System (MBS) in response to the increasing number of cyber frauds.
About Safety Ring Mechanism:
i.Safety Ring is an optional mechanism which allows customers to set daily transaction limitations with respect to Term Deposits (TDs) on online closure or availing overdraft facility on TDs up to the stated limit amount.
ii.It provides an additional security to reduce losses from the unauthorised access.
iii.The customer specified limit  shall be the consolidated digital channels limit for closing the TD or obtaining an overdraft on it.
iv.The customers can set the Safety Ring limit via branches or online using IBS/MBS.

  • To prevent fraudulent online cancellations, the limit can only be cancelled through branches.

v.The new facility makes sure that TD cannot be closed, withdrawn, or utilised for loans (overdrafts) in excess of the customer-specified limit.
About Punjab National Bank (PNB):
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (MD & CEO) – Atul Kumar Goel
Headquarters – New Delhi, Delhi
Established – May 19, 1894
Commenced Operations – April 12, 1895
Tagline – ‘The Name You Can Bank Upon’

ICICI Prudential MF launches India’s First Oil & Gas ETFICICI Prudential MF launches India's first oil & gas ETFICICI Prudential Mutual Fund (MF) has introduced India’s first Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) focused on the oil and gas sector, named the ICICI Prudential Nifty Oil & Gas ETF. This open-ended ETF will tracks the Nifty Oil & Gas Total Return Index (TRI) Index, which reflect the performance of companies within the sector.

  • The public subscription for this scheme began July 8, 2024, and will close on July 18, 2024. Following this period, the scheme will re-open for continuous sale and repurchase within five days from the date of allotment.
  • It should be noted that the scheme carries a very high risk rating, and there is no assurance or guarantee that the scheme’s investment objective will be achieved.

Note: The fund is managed by Nishit Patel and Priya Sridhar.
About ICICI Prudential Nifty Oil & Gas ETF:
Aim: To provide investors with long-term wealth creation opportunities, and to deliver returns before expenses that closely match the total return of the underlying index, subject to tracking error.
Key Points:
i.Investors can participate in the scheme with a minimum investment of Rs 100 per plan/option, and investments can be made in multiples of Re 1 with no upper limit.
ii.This scheme involves no “Entry Load” and no “Exit Load”.However, investors will be responsible for any brokerage charges incurred during the sale.
iii.The indicative allocation ranges from a minimum of 95% to a maximum of 100% of total assets.
iv.To maintain liquidity and manage short-term cash flow needs, the fund allows for a small allocation to money market instruments, including Treasury bills Repurchase (TREPS), with a maximum limit of 5% of total assets.
About ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund:
Managing Director(MD) & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)- Nimesh Shah
Headquarters– Mumbai, Maharashtra
Establishment– 1993

Federal Bank Announced Strategic Bancassurance Partnership with Bajaj Allianz Life InsuranceFederal Bank And Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Announce Strategic Bancassurance PartnershipOn 8th July 2024, Federal Bank Limited, a leading private sector bank in India announced that it has entered into a strategic Bancassurance partnership with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited, a private life insurer.

  • This strategic partnership will enable the customers of Federal Bank to easily access the wide range of value-packed, customized life insurance products from Bajaj Allianz across the Bank’s extensive network in India.
  • Aim: To give boost to the combined strengths of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance and Federal Bank and is in complete alignment with both the companies’ strategic targets and growth plans. It will further promote insurance penetration and market expansion.

About Bancassurance:
i.It is a financial services model under which insurance companies partners with banking institutions to offer wide range of financial products and services to customers.
ii.It involves the distribution of insurance products through banking channels, such as bank branches and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) among others.
Points to Note:
i.In November 2023, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) formed a task force under the chairmanship of Meena Kumari, Executive Director (Life) of IRDAI, to review the existing bancassurance framework.
ii.IRDAI has allowed banks to have distribution tie up with maximum of 9 life, general and health insurers.

  • It has also allowed Insurance Marketing Firms (IMF) to collaborate with maximum 6 life, general and health insurers.

Note: IRDAI aims to achieve the long-term goal of “insurance for all” by 2047,when the country will celebrate its golden jubilee of independence.
About Federal Bank Limited:
Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Shyam Srinivasan
Headquarters- Aluva, Kerala
Tagline- Your Perfect Banking Partner
Established- 23rd April, 1931
About Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited:
MD and CEO- Tarun Chugh
Headquarters- Pune, Maharashtra
Established- 2001

RBI Cancels CoR of Star Finserv India & Polytex India Due to Irregular Lending Practices
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has cancelled the Certificate of Registration (CoR) of  2 Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) namely Star Finserv India Limited in Hyderabad (Telangana), and Polytex India Ltd in Mumbai (Maharashtra), due to irregular lending practices.

  • As a result, both NBFCs are no longer allowed to transact the business of a Non-Banking Financial Institution (NBFI), as defined in the RBI Act, 1934.

i.Star Finserv India has violated RBI guidelines on Code of Conduct(CoC) in outsourcing of financial services in its digital lending operations by outsourcing its core decision-making functions such as credit appraisal, loan sanctioning as well as Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process to the service provider.
ii.Polytex India violated RBI guidelines on code of conduct in outsourcing of financial services by outsourcing its core decision-making functions related to client sourcing, KYC verification, credit appraisal, loan disbursal, loan recovery, follow up with borrowers and resolving complaints from borrowers.
Note: Star Finserv India and Polytex India were offering the services under financial technology firm’Progcap’ and  mobile application ‘Z2P’ respectively.

Ageas Federal Life Insurance Launches ‘Golden Years Pension Plan’ for Secure Retirement
Ageas Federal Life Insurance, a leading private insurer in India, introduced the ‘Ageas Federal Life Insurance Golden Years Pension Plan’, a comprehensive retirement solution designed to secure a financial future during retirement years. It is a Unit Linked Individual Pension Plan (ULIP), where returns depend on the performance of the Blue Chip Pension Fund.

  • It is structured as a non-participating plan, shielding policyholders from losses exceeding their invested amount.

Note: Blue Chip Pension Fund invests in listed equities and aims to generate high returns in established and emerging blue-chip stocks that have a good track record.
i.The plan offers an Early investment booster, promoting early retirement planning with additional allocations for ages 18-35.
ii.It allows entry ages of 18-70 years for the Classic Option and up to 60 years for the Golden Waiver of Premium Option.
iii. It give flexibility to choose-premium payment options and Guaranteed loyalty booster.


Moody’s Keeps India’s Economic Growth Forecast Unchanged at 6.8% for 2024Moody’s keeps India’s 2024 economic growth forecast unchanged at 6.8%Global Rating Agency, Moody has announced that it has kept India’s economic growth forecast unchanged at 6.8% for 2024. It projected that Indian economy to grow at 6.5% for 2025.
Note: In March 2024, Moody’s released a report “Global Macro Outlook 2024” and has revised India’s GDP from 6.1% to 6.8%.
Key Points:
i.Moody’s predicts that inflation in India will decrease to 5.2% in 2024 and 4.8% in 2025 from 5.7% in 2023.
ii.According to Moody’s Rating, increasing domestic and international demand boosts the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in Emerging Markets (EMs).
iii.So, it has revised its aggregate EM forecast to 3.9% for 2024 and 2025, to show the faster-than-expected growth in some of the largest EM economies in 1st half of 2024.
Points to Note:
i.As per the data released by Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) in May 2024, India’s GDP expanded at 8.2% for full FY24, which is further supported by January-March 2024 quarter growth of 7.8%.
ii.According to the MoSPI, retail inflation based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) eased to 4.75% in May, 2024 and 4.83% in April, 2024.


ASELSAN Successfully Launches Türkiye’s 1st Home-Made TURKSAT-6A Communication SatelliteASELSAN Successfully Launches Türkiye's First Home-Made TURKSAT-6A Communication SatelliteASELSAN, a company of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation(TAFF) launched Türkiye’s 1st indigenously developed communication satellite, TÜRKSAT-6A, into orbit aboard a Space Exploration Technologies Corporation’s (SpaceX) Falcon 9 rocket, from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station (CCSFS), the United States of America (USA).

  • TÜRKSAT-6A satellite is equipped with Ku-Band and X-Band communication payloads developed by ASELSAN engineers.
  • This launch has made Türkiye as one of the 11 countries in the world capable of producing their own communication satellites.

Note:  ASELSAN is the largest defense electronics company in Türkiye.
The TÜRKSAT 6A project goal is to develop a satellite platform suitable for geostationary orbit satellites within the country and establish the necessary infrastructure.

  • Turksat 1C, the successor of the first communications satellite Turksat 1B, was launched in 1995, followed by Turksat 2A in 2001, Turksat 3A in 2008, Turksat 4B in 2014, Turksat 5A in 2021, and Turksat 5B in 2022.
  • The Turksat 6A project was officially launched on December 15, 2014. It has been some 10 years in the making.
  • Turkish-based defence firms Aselsan, C2TECH, and Turkish Aerospace Industries, together with Turkish Space Agency, Turksat and TUBITAK, completed the satellite’s construction.

Key Points:
i.The 4.25 tonne (4250 kilograms (kg)) satellite’s service period will be 15 years in orbit and will operate at the 42-degree East orbital position.
ii.The integration and test of the TÜRKSAT 6A satellite was carried out at the Space Systems Integration and Testing (USET) Center.
iii.The satellite’s payloads, designed by ASELSAN, consume 5 kilowatts (kW) of power and a total mass of 300 kilograms (kg).
iv.The satellite is set to reach its operational orbit of 35,786 kilometer (km) above the Earth’s surface and undergo orbital tests for a month.
Communication Services:
i.TÜRKSAT-6A satellite will provide communication services to Türkiye, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
ii.The satellite will expand Turksat’s coverage area to South Asian countries -India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, boosting the served population from 3.5 billion to over 5 billion.
About Türkiye:
Capital– Ankara
President– Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Currency– Turkish lira


Saint-Denis Reunion Open 2024: India’s Tasnim Mir and Tharun Mannepalli Win the Singles TitleIndia’s Tasnim Mir & Tharun Mannepalli Clinch Singles Titles At Saint-Denis Reunion Open 2024Indian badminton players Tasnim Mir and Tharun Mannepalli won the women’s and men’s singles titles at the Saint-Denis Reunion Open 2024 (3rd Edition) held from 3rd to 7th July 2024 in Saint-Denis, Réunion Island (a French department in the Indian Ocean).

  • In the Men’s Singles Title, Tharun Mannepalli defeated Yudai Okimoto of Japan.
  • In the Women’s Singles Title, Tasnim Mir won by defeating compatriot(from India) Rakshitha Sree in the finals.
  • Meanwhile in the men’s doubles, the duo of Prakash Raj and Gouse Shaik was defeated by Julien Maio and William Villeger of France and secured the runner -up position.

The 3rd edition of Saint-Denis Reunion Open had a total prize amount of USD 25,000.
About Tasnim Mir 
i.Tasmin Mir from Gujarat had secured her 3rd International Challenge title through this win. She had won Iran Fajr International and India Chattisgarh International in 2022.
ii.She has also become the first Indian to achieve the world no 1 ranking in the under-19 girls’ singles in the Badminton World Federation (BWF) junior rankings in 2022 after winning three junior international tournaments.
iii.She currently holds a world ranking of 63 in the Women’s Singles category.
About Tharun Mannepalli
i. Tharun Mannepalli from Telangana secured his second international title in 2024.
ii. He has won the Kazakhstan International Challenge in April 2024 (Astana, Kazakhstan).
iii.He currently holds a world ranking of 99 in the Men’s Singles Category.

CategoryWinnersRunner – Up
Men’s SinglesTharun Mannepalli (India)Yudai Okimoto (Japan)
Women’s SinglesTasnim Mir (India)Rakshitha Sree (India)
Men’s DoublesJulien Maio and William Villeger (France)Prakash Raj and Gouse Shaik (India)
Women’s DoublesKaho Osawa and Mai Tanabe (Japan)Julia Meyer and Leona Michalaski (Germany)
Mixed DoublesJulien Maio and Lea Palermo (France)William Villeger and Flavie Vallet (France)

About Saint-Denis Reunion Open 2024
i.Reunion Open is part of the Badminton World Federation (BWF) International Challenge. Its inaugural edition was held in 2022.
ii.It was organized by the Ligue Nouvelle du Badminton Réunionnais with approvals from the Badminton Confederation of Africa and the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

Gautam Gambhir Appointed as Head Coach of the Indian Cricket Team (Senior Men)
Jay Shah, Secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced that the former India opener Gautam Gambhir has been appointed as the new Head Coach of the India Cricket Team (Senior Men) until the end of 2027.

  • His appointment was recommended by the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) comprising Ashok Malhotra, Jatin Paranjpe, and Sulakshana Naik.

i.He will take charge of Team India’s head coach for the upcoming series against Sri Lanka, which consist of three One Day International (ODIs) and three Twenty20 International (T20Is) beginning on July 27, 2024. 
ii.Gautam replaces Rahul Dravid, whose term ended after the International Cricket Council (ICC) T20 World Cup, 2024.
iii.His exceptional contributions to the Indian team, which include key performances in the 2007 ICC World T20 and the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup.

  • Gambhir’s mentorship with Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in 2024 helped the team win its third Indian Premier League (IPL) title.
  • He is the only Indian, alongside Don Bradman, Jacques Kallis, and Mohammad Yousuf, to score centuries in five successive Test matches.


TN CM Stalin Releases Coffee Table Books on Forts in TN and Indigenous Deities
On July 9 2024, Tamil Nadu (TN) Chief Minister (CM) Muthuvel Karunanidhi Stalin released two English language coffee table books on forts of TN and indigenous deities titled ‘Folk Deities of Tamil Nadu: Worship, Tradition and Custom’ and ‘Forts of Tamil Nadu: A Walk-Through’.

  • These books were released in collaboration with The Hindu Group of Publications at the Secretariat in Chennai, TN.

i.Forts of Tamil Nadu – A Walk – Through was released by the TN Tourism Department, which includes several historic forts in TN and describes what makes them special.
ii.Folk Deities of Tamil Nadu: Worship, Tradition and Custom was released by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR & CE) Department to provide historical knowledge and educate readers about the  rituals and other cultural practices involving indigenous deities.
iii.K. Ramachandran, Minister for Tourism, received the first copy of the book ‘Forts of Tamil Nadu: A Walk-Through’ and P.K. Sekarbabu, Minister for HR & CE, received the first copy of ‘Folk Deities of Tamil Nadu: Worship, Tradition and Custom’ where Nirmala Lakshman, the Chairperson of The Hindu Group (THG) Publishing Private Limited was also present.


24th National Fish Farmer’s Day – 10 July 2024National Fish Farmer's Day - July 10 2024The National Fish Farmer’s Day (NFFD) is annually observed across India on 10 July to appreciate the contributions of fish farmers, aquaculture professionals, and stakeholders, underscoring their commitment to sustainable aquaculture. 10 July 2024 marks the observance of the 24th NFFD.
i.10 July also marks the observance of the National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) Foundation Day.

  • NFDB was established in 2006 and 10 July 2024 marks the observance of the 18th NFDB Foundation Day.

ii.The Government of India(GoI) is organizing the ‘Fisheries Summer Meet 2024’ at IDA Scrudder Trade Centre in Madurai, Tamil Nadu(TN), on 12th July 2024 under Chairmanship of Union Minister Rajiv Ranjan Singh, Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying(MoFAHD).
About the Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying (MoFAHD):
Union Minister– Rajiv Ranjan Singh Alias Lalan Singh (Constituency: Munger, Bihar)
Ministers of State (MoS)- S.P. Singh Baghel (Constituency: Agra, Uttar Pradesh); George Kurian (Constituency: Kerala)
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Current Affairs Today (AffairsCloud Today)

Current Affairs 11 July 2024
DEPwD Signs 2 MoUs: One with EMA; Other between ISLRTC & YUNIKEE to Empower Persons With Disabilities
UNESCO Designated 11 New Biosphere Reserves
WHO Launches MeDevIS: A Global Platform For Medical Device Information
Vietnam Tops List of Most Affordable Countries for Expats; India Ranks 6th
PNB Introduces ‘Safety Ring’ To Enhance Security For Internet and Mobile Banking Users
ICICI Prudential MF launches India’s First Oil & Gas ETF
Federal Bank Announced Strategic Bancassurance Partnership with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance
RBI Cancels CoR of Star Finserv India & Polytex India Due to Irregular Lending Practices
Ageas Federal Life Insurance Launches ‘Golden Years Pension Plan’ for Secure Retirement
Moody’s Keeps India’s Economic Growth Forecast Unchanged at 6.8% for 2024
ASELSAN Successfully Launches Türkiye’s 1st Home-Made TURKSAT-6A Communication Satellite
Saint-Denis Reunion Open 2024: India’s Tasnim Mir and Tharun Mannepalli Win the Singles Title
Gautam Gambhir Appointed as Head Coach of the Indian Cricket Team (Senior Men)
TN CM Stalin Releases Coffee Table Books on Forts in TN and Indigenous Deities
24th National Fish Farmer’s Day – 10 July 2024

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