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24th National Fish Farmer’s Day – 10 July 2024

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National Fish Farmer's Day - July 10 2024The National Fish Farmer’s Day (NFFD) is annually observed across India on 10 July to appreciate the contributions of fish farmers, aquaculture professionals, and stakeholders, underscoring their commitment to sustainable aquaculture.

  • NFFD serves as a platform to acknowledge the crucial role played by fish farmers in meeting the growing demand for fish protein, generating employment opportunities, and contributing to the country’s food security.

10 July 2024 marks the observance of the 24th NFFD.

2024 Events:

The Government of India(GoI) is organizing the ‘Fisheries Summer Meet 2024’ at IDA Scrudder Trade Centre in Madurai, Tamil Nadu(TN), on 12th July 2024 under Chairmanship of Union Minister Rajiv Ranjan Singh, Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying(MoFAHD).


i.10 July also marks the observance of the National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) Foundation Day.

ii.NFDB was established in 2006 to enhance fish production and productivity in India to coordinate fishery development in an integrated and holistic manner.

  • 10 July 2024 marks the observance of the 18th NFDB Foundation Day.

iii.NFDB is an autonomous organisation under the administrative control of the Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying (MoFAH&D).


i.In 2001, the GoI declared that 10th of July of every year as the “National Fish Farmers Day.”

ii.The 1st Fish Farmers Day was observed in 2001 by Mumbai (Maharashtra) based Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR)-Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE).

Why July 10?

On this day in 1957, the 1st success in inducing the Indian major carps (common name for several species of fish) was achieved by Professor Dr. Hiralal Chaudhury under the guidance of Dr. K.H. Alikunhi.

  • They guided the induced breeding and reproduction of the Indian major carp by the Hypophysation technique in the Indian fisheries sector in Angul, Odisha, leading a revolution in Inland Aquaculture.

Government Initiatives Transforming the Fisheries Sector:

Blue Revolution:

i.The GoI is spearheading a holistic transformation in the fisheries sector through the Blue Revolution, aiming for economic prosperity and sectoral growth.

ii.Blue economy 2.0 will be launched to focus on promoting climate resilient activities, restoration and adaptation measures and development of coastal aquaculture and mariculture with integrated & multi-sectoral approach.

Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY):

i.The PMMSY is implemented by the Department of Fisheries, MoFAHD for 5 years from 2020-21 to 2024-25.

ii.In the Interim Budget 2024-25, announced that PMMSY will further be stepped up to enhance aquaculture productivity from existing 3 to 5 ton/Ha, doubling exports to Rs 1 lakh crore and generating 55 lakh employment opportunities.

Fish Farmers Producer Organizations (FFPOs):

i.The PMMSY inter-alia also provides financial assistance for setting up FFPOs to empower fishers and enhance their bargaining power.

ii.The Department of Fisheries has accorded approval for setting up a total of 2195 FFPOs at a total project cost of Rs. 544.85 crore comprising the formation of existing 2000 fisheries cooperatives as FFPOs and 195 new FFPOs (as of February 2024).

Sagar Mitras:

i.Sagar Mitras are designed to provide extension support services to fishers and fish farmers. The initiative aims to engage youth in fisheries extension work.

ii.The plan is to create 3,347 Sagar Mitras in coastal fisher villages. Since 2020-21, 2,494 Sagar Mitras have been approved by the Department of Fisheries.

  • Since 2020-21, the total project cost for the approved Sagar Mitras is Rs. 128.26 crore.

Fisheries Infrastructure Development Fund (FIDF):

i.The FIDF was established in 2018-19 with a fund size of Rs 7522.48 crore, to address the infrastructure requirement for the fisheries sector.

ii.In February 2024, the extension of FIDF was announced for an additional 3 years up to 2025-26, focusing on infrastructure like fishing harbours, cold storage, and modern fish markets. Additionally budgetary support of Rs 939.48 crore has been announced.

Matsya Setu App:

i.In 2021, a mobile app for Indian Aqua farmers called ‘Matsya Setu’ was launched to educate aqua farmers by spreading the latest freshwater aquaculture technologies.

ii.The app was developed by the ICAR-Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (ICAR-CIFA), Bhubaneswar (Odisha), and the initiative received funding support from the NFDB, Hyderabad (Telangana).

Progress and Impact:

i.The fisheries sector contributes significantly to the Indian economy, employing around 30 million people.

ii.India is the 3rd largest fish producer globally, accounting for an 8% share in global fish production with a record production of 175.45 lakh tons in FY 2022-23.

  • India is the 2nd largest aquaculture producer, the largest shrimp producer, and 4th largest seafood exporter in the world.

iii.The output of the fishing and aquaculture sub-sector increased steadily from about Rs 80 thousand crore in 2011-12 to about ₹195 thousand crore in 2022-23.

iv.Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of fishing and aquaculture, contributing nearly 40.9% to the national output in 2022-23.

About the Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying (MoFAHD):
Union Minister– Rajiv Ranjan Singh Alias Lalan Singh (Constituency: Munger, Bihar)
Ministers of State (MoS)- S.P. Singh Baghel (Constituency: Agra, Uttar Pradesh); George Kurian (Constituency: Kerala)