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Confusing words with word meanings – 4

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation Here we are providing you someconfusing words which are very important for all competitive Exams !!!

Broach– to raise a subject for discussion

Synonyms -interject, interpose, introduce, mention, moot, move, offer, open up, propose, raise subject, speak of

Brooch– a piece of jewellery

Synonyms -bar pin, breastpin, clip, cluster, jewelry

Complacent -smug and self-satisfied

Synonyms-egoistic, egotistic, gratified, happy, obsequious, pleased, satisfied, self-assured, self-contented, self-pleased

Complaisant -willing to please

Synonyms -easy-going, friendly, generous, good-humored, good-natured, good-tempered, indulgent, lenient, mild, obliging, polite

Discreet-careful not to attract attention

Synonyms -careful, chary,circumspect,civil,conservative,considerate,controlled,diplomatic,discerning, discriminating,gingerly,guarded, having foresight

Discrete-separate and distinct

Synonyms -different,disconnected, discontinuous,distinct,diverse,separate,several, unattached

Titillate-to arouse interest

Synonyms- entertain, grab, grapple, hook, interest, palpate, provoke, switch on, tantalize, tease, thrill, tickle

Titivate-to make more attractive

Synonyms -clothe, deck out, embellish, fit out, fix up, gussy up, improve, overdress, preen, prettify, primp, prink, slick, smarten, spiff up.

Altar-a sacred table in a church

Synonyms-chantry, font, reredos, retable, shrine, tabernacle

Alter-to change

Synonyms -change, convert, cook, correct mid-course, develop, dial back, diversify, doctor, fine tune, make different, metamorphose, modify, mutate

Exercise-physical activity; to do physical activity

Synonyms -activity, calisthenics, constitutional, daily dozen,discipline,drill, drilling,examination, exercising,exertion, gym,labor,lesson,movement

Exorcise-to drive out an evil spirit

Synonyms -cast out,dismiss, drive out,expel,purge,purify,remove

Grisly-gruesome, revolting

Synonyms-blood-stained,bloody,disgusting,dreadful,eerie, frightful,ghastly,grim, grody,gross,gruesome

Grizzly-a type of bear

Synonyms -gray,leaden, silvertip, white-haired

Prescribe-to authorize use of medicine; to order authoritatively

Synonyms -command, decide, decree, define, designate, determine, dictate, direct, enjoin, establish, fix, guide, impose, lay down, ordain, order, pick out

Proscribe-to officially forbid something

Synonyms -boycott, censure, damn, denounce, deport, doom, embargo, excommunicate, exile, expatriate, expel, forbid, interdict, ostracize, outlaw

Sceptic-a person inclined to doubt

Synonyms -denouncer, dissenter, dissident, heretic, image-breaker, non-conformist, nonbeliever, questioner, radical, rebel, revolutionist, ruiner

Septic-infected with bacteria

Synonyms -corrupt, corruptive, dangerous, deadly, deleterious, destructive, detrimental, evil, fatal, hurtful, infective, lethal, malicious, malignant

Tortuous-full of twists; complex

Synonyms -circuitous, convoluted, crooked, curved, flexuous, indirect, involute, labyrinthine, mazy, meandering, meandrous, roundabout, serpentine

Torturous-full of pain or suffering

Synonyms -bothersome, distressing, excruciating, harrowing, harrying, plaguing, punishing, troubling