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Computer Questions Set – 168

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Computer Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important topics in computer awareness, which is common for all the competitive exams. We have included questions that are repeatedly asked in many bank exams !!!

  1. The PC productivity tool that manipulates data organized in rows and columns is called a ________
    A. Spreadsheet
    B. Word processing document
    C. Presentation mechanism
    D. Database record manager
    E. EDI creator
    Ans – A. Spreadsheet

  2. Plug-ins can add which of the following functionality to browsers:
    A. play audio files.
    B. view video movies.
    C. play games.
    D. view animations.
    E. All of the above.
    Ans – E. All of the above

  3. A ____________ is a unique identification number generated by a computer hardware component or a program.
    A. Cookie
    B. Private Key
    C. GUID
    D. All of the above
    E. None of the above.
    Ans – C. GUID

  4. The term “host” with respect to the internet, means _________
    A. A computer that is stand alone computer
    B. A computer that is connected to the internet
    C. A computer reserved for use by the host
    D. A large collection of computers
    E. Hyperlink
    Ans -B. A computer that is connected to the internet

  5. If an Excel Worksheet is to be linked to using in PowerPoint presentation, the following should be clicked ___________
    A. Edit, Paste Special
    B. Edit, Paste
    C. Edit, Copy
    D. File, Copy
    E. None of the above.
    Ans – A. Edit, Paste Special

  6. A policy that outlines appropriate use of the Internet is called a(n) _____
    A. ISP.
    B. IP.
    C. TCP.
    D. AUP.
    E. None of the above.
    Ans – D. AUP.

  7. Programs that automatically submit your search request to several search engines simultaneously are called _______
    A. Meta search engines
    B. Web crawlers
    C. Spiders
    D. Hits
    E. None of these
    Ans – A. Meta search engines

  8. A(n)…………….allows network users to share a single copy of software, which resides on the network server.
    A. single-user license agreement
    B. network site license
    C. end-user license agreement
    D. business software license
    E. None of the above.
    Ans – B. network site license

  9. Linux is an _____
    A. Input Device
    B. Output Device
    C. Processor
    D. Storage Device
    E. Operating System
    Ans – E. Operating System

  10. Which part of the hardware is used to compensate the difference between the speed of CPU and peripheral?
    A. Scanner
    B. Printer
    C. Videocard
    D. Motherboard
    E. Interface
    Ans – E. Interface