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Computer Questions Set – 149

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Computer Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important topics in computer awareness, which is common for all the competitive exams. We have included questions that are repeatedly asked in many bank exams !!!

  1. Storing same data in many places is called _______
    A. Data Enumeration
    B. Data Iteration
    C. Data Concurrency
    D. Data Redundancy
    E. None of these
    Ans – D. Data Redundancy

  2. Companies use ______ vendors to provide access to software and services rather than purchasing the applications and maintaining the applications themselves.
    A. Open source vendors
    B. Alliances
    C. Application service providers
    D. All of the above
    E. None of these
    Ans – C. Application service providers

  3. By default, your documents print in ________ mode
    A. Page setup
    B. Portrait
    C. Landscape
    D. Print preview
    E. None of these
    Ans – B. Portrait

  4. The path of the creation of an executable program is _______
    A. coding, linking, compiling, parsing
    B. coding, parsing, compiling, linking
    C. coding, compiling, parsing, linking
    D. coding, compiling, linking, parsing
    E. coding, parsing, linking, compiling
    Ans – D. coding, compiling, linking, parsing

  5. When data changes in multiple lists and all lists are not updated this causes _____
    A. data redundancy
    B. data inconsistency
    C. duplicate data
    D. data overload
    E. None of these
    Ans – B. data inconsistency

  6. When a website automatically retrieves information from another website is known as ________
    A. Push
    B. Pull
    C. Receive
    D. All of these
    E. None of these
    Ans – B. Pull

  7. Which of the following is the delivery of information through the internet that is initiated by the server rather than by Client?
    A. Push
    B. Pull
    C. Receive
    D. All of these
    E. None of these
    Ans – A. Push

  8. _________ video is content sent in compressed form over the Internet and displayed by the viewer in real time.
    A. Pushing
    B. Uploading
    C. Pulling
    D. Streaming
    E. None of these
    Ans – D. Streaming

  9. _________ is a method of providing website content such as news stories or software updates.
    A. RSS
    B. Upgrading
    C. Piracy
    D. Both (1) and (2)
    E. None of these
    Ans – A. RSS

  10. Press _________ to move the insertion point to the Address box, or to highlight the URL in the Address box.
    A. CTRL + S
    B. ALT + A
    C. SHIFT + TAB
    D. TAB + CTRL
    E. ALT + D
    Ans – E. ALT + D