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Computer Questions Set – 147

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Computer Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important topics in computer awareness, which is common for all the competitive exams. We have included questions that are repeatedly asked in many bank exams !!!

  1. An application where only one user accesses the database at a given time is an example of a(n) ________
    A.single-user database application
    B.multiuser database application
    C.e-commerce database application mining database application
    E.None of these
    Ans – A.single-user database application

  2.  _________ is a device which recognises physical or behavioural traits of the individual.
    A.Smart Card Reader
    B.Optical Character Reader(OCR)
    C.Optical Mark Reader(OMR)
    D.Biometric Sensor
    E.None of these
    Ans – D.Biometric Sensor

  3. Which of the following is the first layer of software loaded into computer memory when it starts up?
    A.Device Drivers
    B.Language translators
    C.System Utilities
    D.Operating system
    E.None of these
    Ans – D.Operating system

  4. Which of the following bus structure is usually used to connect I/O devices?
    A.Single bus
    B.Multiple bus
    C.Star bus
    D.All of these
    E.None of these
    Ans – A.Single bus

  5. Barcode is written in which of the following language?
    A.Binary language
    B.Machine language
    E.None of these
    Ans – A.Binary language

  6. Which of the following format reduces an audio file to about one-tenth of its original size while preserving much of the original quality of the sound?
    Ans – D.MP3

  7. ______ is the function of Switched Mode Power Supply(SMPS) in CPU.
    A.Convert Analog signal to Digital signal
    B.Convert AC to DC
    C.Supplies Control signal
    D.Both (B) and (C)
    E.None of these
    Ans – B.Convert AC to DC

  8. Which of the following can be implemented in both hardware and software, or a combination of both?
    B.Anti Virus
    D.Both (A) and (C)
    E.None of these
    Ans – A.Firewall

  9. Which is the standard monitor or display interface used in most PCs?
    E.None of these
    Ans – A.VGA

  10. Which of the following is a group of computers that are controlled from a single source and run related software programs and scripts?
    D.All of these
    E.None of these
    Ans – B.Botnet