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Computer Questions Set – 134

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Computer Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important topics in computer awareness, which is common for all the competitive exams. We have included questions that are repeatedly asked in many bank exams !!!

  1. ____________ is a collection of one or more files that correct flaws in the performance, reliability or security of a specific software product.
    A. Software Update
    B. Software Piracy
    C. Software patch
    D. None of these
    E. All of these
    Ans – C. Software patch

  2. Which key is used to erase pen tool drawings during a presentation?
    A. F
    B. G
    C. R
    D. E
    E. D
    Ans – D. E

  3. ___________ is the part of the World Wide Web that is not indexed by traditional search engines.
    A. Deep web
    B. flaming
    C. screaming
    D. Dark web
    E. None of these
    Ans – A. Deep web

  4. Which is used to turn off the pen tool during a presentation?
    A. Shift
    B. Esc
    C. Del
    D. End
    E. None of these
    Ans -B. Esc

  5. ICMP used for _____
    A. Forwarding
    B. Addressing
    C. Multicasting
    D. Error Reporting
    E. None of these
    Ans -D. Error Reporting

  6. Which is used to create a soft break instead of a new paragraph?
    A. Shift + Ctrl
    B. Shift + Enter
    C. Shift + Alt
    D. Shift + AltGr
    E. Shift + F6
    Ans – B. Shift + Enter

  7. Which of the following is a database of information about the Windows operating system including customized settings and software installations?
    A. registry
    B. performance monitor
    C. Changelog
    D. All of these
    E. None of these
    Ans – A. registry

  8. Which of the following is a two-dimensional bar code consisting of a black and white pixel pattern which allows to encode up to a few hundred characters?
    A. UPC code
    B. Quick Response Code
    C. EAN code
    D. CODE 93
    E. None of these
    Ans – B. Quick Response Code

  9. When a hardware component fails, the computer switches over to a redundant component without the service to the user being interrupted is termed as ________
    A. Payload
    B. Failover
    C. Fault‐Tolerant
    D. All of these
    E. None of these
    Ans – B. Failover

  10. __________ is a technique that tricks users into clicking on a malicious link.
    A. Hoax
    B. Clickjacking
    C. Browser Hijacking
    D. Mousetrapping
    E. None of these
    Ans – B. Clickjacking