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Computer Awareness : Important File Extensions List

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Computer Awareness section in Here we are creating list covering important file extensions , which can be asked in the SBI/IBPS/SSC exams and other competitive exams.

Text Files
.log :: Log File
.wpd :: WordPerfect Document
.odt :: OpenDocument Text Document
.pages :: Pages Document
.doc :: Microsoft Word Document
.docx :: Microsoft Word Open XML Document
.tex :: LaTeX Source Document
.wps :: Microsoft Works Word Processor Document
.msg :: Outlook Mail Message
.rtf :: Rich Text Format File
.txt :: Plain Text File
Data Files
.vcf :: vCard File
.dat :: Data File
.pptx :: PowerPoint Open XML Presentation
.sdf :: Standard Data File
.tar :: Consolidated Unix File Archive
.csv :: Comma Seperated Values File
.xml :: XML File
.pps :: PowerPoint Slide Show
.ppt :: PowerPoint Presentation
Audio Files
.aif :: Audio Interchange File Format
.mpa :: MPEG-2 Audio File
.ra :: Real Audio File
.iff :: Interchange File Format
.wav :: WAVE Audio File
.wma :: Windows Media Audio File
.mp3 :: MP3 Audio File
Video Files
.avi :: Audio Video Interleave File
.3gp :: 3GPP Multimedia File
.flv :: Flash Video File
.mpg :: MPEG Video File
.vob :: DVD Video Object File
.mp4 :: MPEG-4 Video File
.3g2 :: 3GPP2 Multimedia File
.m4v :: iTunes Video File
.wmv :: Windows Media Video File
3D Image Files
.max :: 3ds Max Scene File
.obj :: Wavefront 3D Object File
.3ds :: 3D Studio Scene
.3dm :: Rhino 3D Model
Raster Image Files
.gif :: Graphical Interchange Format File
.jpg :: JPEG Image
.bmp :: Bitmap Image File
.psd :: Adobe Photoshop Document
.png :: Portable Network Graphic
Spreadsheet Files
.xls :: Excel Spreadsheet
.xlr :: Works Spreadsheet
.xlsx :: Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
Database Files
.pdb :: Program Database
.dbf :: Database File
.accdb :: Access 2007 Database File
.db :: Database File
.sql :: Structured Query Language Data File
.mdb :: Microsoft Access Database

Executable Files
.cgi :: Common Gateway Interface Script
.com :: DOS Command File
.vb :: VBScript File
.exe :: Windows Executable File
.jar :: Java Archive File
.bat :: DOS Batch File
Web Files
.cer :: Internet Security Certificate
.css :: Cascading Style Sheet
.html :: Hypertext Markup Language File
.js :: JavaScript File
.jsp :: Java Server Page
.htm :: Hypertext Markup Language File
.asp :: Active Server Page
.php :: PHP Source Code File
.xhtml :: Extensible Hypertext Markup Language File
.rss :: Rich Site Summary
.aspx :: Active Server Page Extended File
Plugin Files
.plugin :: Mac OS X Plug-in
.crx :: Chrome Extension
Developer Files
.cs :: Visual C# Source Code File
.cpp :: C++ Source Code File
.dtd :: Document Type Definition File
.c :: C/C++ Source Code File
.fla :: Adobe Flash Animation
.class :: Java Class File
.java :: Java Source Code File
Backup Files
.tmp :: Temporary File
.bak :: Backup File
.man-> mandatory file

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