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Computer Questions Set- 104

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Computer Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important topics in computer awareness, which is common for all the SBI/IBPS/LDC exams and other competitive exams. We have included questions that are repeatedly asked in many bank exams !!!


  1. Which of the following is a good habit to get into when creating a worksheet?
    (1) Placing titles for columns in the first row of data
    (2) Using conditional formatting to spot spelling errors
    (3) Inserting comments in each cell to define that data or type of data
    (4) Grouping records according to some classification
    (5) None of these
    1) Placing titles for columns in the first row of data

  2. What term is used to describe a collection of information that you can use to build reports or discover facts about an environment?
    (1) Database
    (2) Web site
    (3) Wiki
    (4) Relation
    (5) None of these
    1) Database

  3. Microsoft’s Access and Corel’s Paradox are both examples of which type of software?
    (1) Network database systems
    (2) Relational database systems
    (3) Flat-file database systems
    (4) Hierarchical database systems
    (5) None of these
    2) Relational database systems

  4. What type of graphical model is used to define a database?
    (1) Flowchart
    (2) E-R diagram
    (3) Organizational model
    (4) Programming model
    (5) None of these
    2) E-R diagram

  5. After you develop a model for your database, you should then _____ it before building it.
    (1) normalize
    (2) design
    (3) plan
    (4) approve
    (5) None of these
    1) normalize

  6. Which of the following contains information about the structure of a database?
    (1) Database management system
    (2) Data dictionary
    (3) Data repository
    (4) Data warehouse
    (5) None of these
    2) Data dictionary

  7. The rules of a language are called its __________.
    (1) structure
    (2) code
    (3) syntax
    (4) rigidity
    (5) None of these
    3) syntax

  8. A language that can be written on one platform and executed on another platform is said to be __________.
    (1) portable
    (2) robust
    (3) third generation
    (4) dynamic
    (5) None of these
    1) portable

  9. __________ is Microsoft’s latest entry into the programming arena.
    (1) Java
    (2) .NET
    (3) Visual Basic
    (4) Pascal
    (5) None of these
    2) .NET

  10. A next-generation Web content development language, __________ typically refers to a suite of technologies that allow developers to store data in a readable format.
    (1) HTML
    (2) XSL
    (3) XML
    (4) PHP
    (5) None of these
    3) XML