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Cipla launches generic version of drug Sofosbuvir in India

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Cipla Ltd on 25th March 2015 said it will introduce a generic version of Gilead Science’s blockbuster Hepatitis C drug Sovaldi.

Points to Remember:

  • The drug will be sold in India by Cipla under the brand name ‘Hepcvir’.
  • The announcement follows a non-exclusive licensing agreement between Cipla and Gilead in September.
  • It is estimated that 12-18 million people in India are infected by the virus.
  •  Under the non-exclusive licensing agreement, Cipla is allowed to set its own price for its version of the drug, and will pay a royalty on sales to Gilead.
  • Sovaldi, whose generic name is Sofosbuvir, was introduced in the US in December.
  • Cipla is one of the seven Indian pharmaceutical companies that have been allowed by US-based Gilead Sciences to manufacture and market generic of drug Sofosbuvir.