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China adopts “Counter-Terrorism Law” & “Law against Domestic Violence”

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In a Landmark move, Chinese lawmakers have adopted first bill against domestic violence and counter-terrorism law to bring traditionally silent abuse victims under legal protection & to address terrorism at home and help maintain world security respectively. Both laws will go into effect in March 2016.

  • According to the domestic violence bill, victims and those in immediate danger can file a personal protection order and the court must rule within 72 hours. In urgent cases, decisions must be made within 24 hours.
  • The domestic violence law also applies to those in cohabitation, meaning those who are not related but living together.

China adopts “Counter-Terrorism Law” & “Law against Domestic Violence”What is Domestic Violence?
Domestic violence is defined as physical, psychological and other harm, inflicted by family members with beatings, restraint or forcible limits on physical liberty and recurring invectives and verbal threats.

Provisions of Domestic Violence Law
The newly passed law by the Chinese national legislature prohibits any form of domestic violence, including psychological abuse.

  • Once the order is granted, courts prohibit the abuser from harassing, stalking or contacting the applicant and his or her close relatives.
  • Court can also order the abuser to move out of the home or adopt various other measures to protect the applicant.
  • If the abuser violates the protection order, they may be fined up to 1,000 yuan, detained for up to 15 days or face criminal charges in serious offences.

Counter – Terrorism Law

What is Terrorism?
Terrorism is defined as any proposition or activity by means of violence, sabotage or threat that generates social panic, undermines public security, infringes on personal and property rights and menaces government organs and international organizations with the aim to realize certain political and ideological purposes.

Provisions of Counter-terrorism law
It has proposed a national leading organ for counter-terrorism work which will be in charge of identifying terrorist activities, personnel and coordinate nationwide anti-terrorist work.

  • The state will provide necessary financial support for key regions listed in the country’s counter-terrorist plan.
  • Professional anti-terrorist forces will be established by public security, national security authorities as well as armed forces.
  • A national intelligence center will be established to coordinate inter-departmental and trans-regional efforts on counter-terrorism intelligence and information.