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Cabinet approved Memorandum of Understanding between the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of India (DGCA) and the French Civil Aviation Authority

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Union Government inked Memorandum of Understanding with French Civil Aviation Authority, Direction Generale de L’Aviation Civile for technical Cooperation in establishing International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards and Practices.

Delegates:  Directorate General of Civil Aviation of India (DGCA) and Direction Generale de l’Aviation Civile (DGAC) of France.



  1. To Implement Technical Co-Operation programme and establishing standards and trainings of the International Civil Aviation Organisation
  2. Instructing training of Engineers, Technicians and Managers
  3. Dealing with issues pertaining to common areas of DGAC and DGCA
  4. Exchange of Information regarding various techniques
  5. Enhancement of Skills and expertise of DGCA’s officers

Term of MoU: Four Years

About ICAO: Apex aviation body under the United Nations.

Parties undertake to cooperate through the following actions:

  • By exchanging information concerning the various techniques used to reach the objectives
  • By sending French experts or instructors to India for training missions
  • By receiving experts, or instructors of India, in France for training missions

The activities to be performed by DGCA of India and the DGCA of France under this MOU will be carried out by mutual consent.