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Book: Charting a New path: Early Years of the NFIW

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A book was launched recently that was seeking to trace the  history of women’s movement, with the authors representing the role of the leaders like Aruna Asraf Ali in raising problems faced by the women in economic,social and political spheres.

  • The book named ”Charting a New path: Early Years of the NFIW’‘, co-authored by famous women’s rights activist Gargi Chakravarthy and Supriya Chottani, shows  significant aspects of silent period in the history of women’s movement.
  • NFIW( National Federation of Indian Women) was formed in year 1954 as a mass organisation by several leaders of the former Mahila Atma Raksha Samiti including Ali.
  • Aparna Basu, former president, All india Women’s Conference AIWC said that the 1960’s and 70s were not silent period for women though it was thought to be like that, many movements were launched showing  the problems faced by women.

Major issues emphasized by women’s movements

  • Equal pay for equal work.
  • Right to land to peasant women against dowry.
  • Fights against patriarchy where the men had more power when compared to women .

Report of Equality in 1974 brought out the fact that in the 25 years of independence, the progress made by the women  was not that much as it was expected to be.

  • Proliferation of women’s movements were there in the 70’s and 80’s. There were women groups of three to four types like women’s wings of political groups, second type aimed at issues like rapes, dowry calling themselves as non-aligned NGOs. Some academic institutions took up the  issue involving women studies.
  • The book underlined women’s struggles forming the foundation for feminist phase in the 70’s and 80’s
  • Eliminate the myth that NFIW  is women’s wing of Communist Party of India CPI is another issue taken up in the book.

Communist Party of India

  • CPI was founded in 25th December 1925.
  • Current Secretary General is Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy.
  • Founding members are MN Roy,Evelyn Trent Roy,Abani Mukerjee,Rosa Fitingof, Mohammed Ali, Mohammad Shafiq Sidduiqui, Rafiq Ahmed, MPBT Acharya.
  • Idelogy of CPI being Communism,Socialism,Left-wing nationalism