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How to prepare for General Awareness section

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How to prepare for General Awareness section of whatever exam u are appearing for !

First of all, Are you even aware of the fact that “You Should not underestimate the General
Awareness Section” in any of the circumstances because it requires no Einstein IQ to get a
command over this section and it hardly takes 10 seconds, Yes, 10 seconds to judge whether you are
going to answer that particular question. Because after your ability to solve, the most important
thing which matters is your selection criteria. What questions to attempt or what to leave in order to
focus on the rest!
Consider an examination scenario,where each and every mark (read minute) counts, you would love
to score by just reading and selecting your answer.
And if I particulary talk about the SBI PO Mains, then your target should be no less than 47-48
attempts out of 50 questions from General Awareness section, not to mention with more than 95 %

Here, I am going to discuss the things you should DO and the things you should NOT DO while
preparing for this easy yet important section.

Before that, let me convince you little more about the importance of General Awareness, so that it
just get stuck in your mind that You are not a smart examinee if you leave this Section’s preparation
(which has got the Highest Return on your Time Investment) to last minute.

Things you should DO to avoid Post-Exam Regrets :

  1. You got to sit down and make a regular routine to be in touch with all it takes to be a smart
    learner. Remember, its not like a definite number of times you should revise, but REVISION is
    your biggest asset here. Use it as per your convenience.
  2. It may sound a cliche, but being regular with newspapers and Weekly Magazines is no harm.
    Last minute Current Affairs notes are really good but no match to a dedicated reading.
  3. Take as many as Quizzes as possible, as it constantly gives you a feeling of “DO IT FAST & DO IT CORRECT”, which definitely going to help you in your exam.
  4. Make it your habit of Reading the factual things in the early hours of the day, as it helps you in Retaining the stuff. And Revise it for sure before going to Bed.
  5. Always read with the Active Mind, Try to grasp as well as Analyse the Inside Story behind that
    particular news statement. For eg :
    There is this ‘Sukanya Samridhhi Scheme’- a small savings scheme which was launched this year
    and is aimed at encouraging savings for a Girl Child’s Education and Marriage. The rate of interest
    is 9.2 percent for the current fiscal year. The minimum Deposit for a financial year is Rs. 1000 and
    maximum is Rs. 1.5 lakh. Why there is a maximum limit of 1.5 lakh as Deposits are always
    welcomed by the Government ? No ?
    See, one possible explanation could be, Since Government is giving higher interest on this scheme
    as Girls Education is a social Issue in India ,and to prevent this scheme from misuse of just
    accumulating wealth for other purposes, there is a maximum range.I am not at all taking any responsibility of the authenticity of this explanation but just want you to
    Think and Analyse and Not just Read. If it is not going to help you to alter the Govt policies, it
    definitely going to help you retain the otherwise just facts and figures.
  6. Do have your strengths among the monotonous news and current affairs, like if you say that you
    know all about Sports, then there must be not a single happening around the planet which you are
    unware of ! It should not be like that, Being a Cricket fan, you know all about the World Cup-2015
    but know nothing about Badminton Campionships.

Things you should NOT-DO to have a peaceful sleep after your exam :)

  1. Do not just keep scrolling down on your Facebook Newsfeed in search of a news.
    Remember, the stuff they are going to ask you on your Exam Day, Hardly you are going to
    read while going through Social Networking Sites.Please Do Not mix the Gossip affairs with
    your serious Current Affairs preparation.
    Being more precise, You are not going to get a question on ‘How Virat Kohli responded against
    Anushka Sharma Trolls on Twitter’ but a question on Who took the maximum number of wickets in
    Cricket World Cup 2015 ?
  2. Also, Just Do not keep travelling from one Web link to another in an illusion of reading whatever
    comes in front of you. Set Daily Targets for you and Stick to them. Do not Read the Crap.
  3. Do not keep reading the the things you like and leave the rest for Toppers. ;) See, Everything comes with a price, and here the price is Keeping up with the Boring stuff too!
  4. Never, Ever Read for once only ! Though you think, you are going to retain that stuff anyway, But to recall, even the simplest things under Time and Exam Pressure,is not that easy. For eg: ICICI
    Bank to roll out Voice authentication for its customers, without having them to enter the16 digit
    numbers or keying in their pin! You read this, grasped this or say, you even analysed ! But what
    happens when just after this news statement, you are going to read read million things about
    various Banks and their innovation techniques to woo customers. Aint there is a little possibility of
    getting confused ? Certainly, Yes. So, Please, Please Do Revise and Revise more !
  5. Do not just sit with Manorama Year Book, or say any heavy stuff, which just going to eats up your mind, time and energy! Rather, Stick to any of your favorite Current Affairs Magazine or
    Daily Feed website which provides serious examination stuff. You don’t need to do your Thesis
    on General Awareness.Just Read, Read Fast, Retain and MOVE ON !
  6. Do no read just for the sake of it ! Like you get tired after practising for your Quantitative Aptitude/Logical Reasoning, So, just to get you a feeling of non-stop Preparation, you pick up your
    Current Affairs Mgazine and start turning pages . See, here, the most fatal thing is not overdoing
    with your Nervous system, but getting a false illusion of studying for General Awareness, which
    surely requires a little more respect.

So, Sparing your Reading Stamina for more Serious Stuff, I let you go. :) Read, Revise and
Achieve. All the best :)

Article Penned By Shivani