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Blood Relationship – Solved Examples

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If A is the brother of B; B is the sister of C; and C is the father of D, how D is related to A?


We don’t know the Gender of D. The Possibilities are,

If D is Male – Nephew.

If D is Female – Niece.

P is the mother of K; K is the sister of D; D is the father of J. How is P related to J?


P is Grandmother of J.


A’s son B is married with C whose sister D is married to E the brother of B. How D is related to A?


From the Diagram, it is clear that, B and E are Brothers; C and D are Sisters. B and E are Sons of A.

The Answer – D is the Daughter-in-law of A.


T is the Sister of R, who is the Brother of V, who is the Son of S. How T related to S?


T is the Daughter of S.


T is the Brother of R, who is the Mother of V, who is the Brother of S. How S related to T?


We don’t the Gender of S. But the Possibility is S is the Nephew/Niece of T.


P is the Son of Q, who is the Brother of R, who is the Daughter of T. How is P related to T?



P is the Grandson of T.


A is the only Son of B, who is the Father of C. How C related to A?


The “Only Son” word makes C Female. So C is the Sister of A.


Hi Friends. I hope you guys are now clear in how to draw Tree Diagram and make conclusion based on the Tree. Solve more problems. If you have any doubt in any problems, do comment in the below Comment Box. I will solve it and upload here itself.

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