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Bharat Ratna Prof CNR Rao Won the Energy Frontier Award 2020: 13th Eni Award

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Bharat Ratna Professor Rao receives the Eni International Award for Research in Energy FrontiersBharat Ratna Professor Chintamani Nages Ramachandra Rao (C.N.R. Rao) has received the Energy Frontier Award 2020 for research into renewable energy sources and energy storage. The Energy Frontier Award 2020 is also known as the International Eni Awards 2020. It will be presented on 14th October 2021 at the official ceremony which will be held at the Quirinal Palace in Rome, Italy.

  • The 2020 International Eni Awards mark the 13th edition of the Eni Awards. 
  • The award is considered the Nobel Prize in Energy Research. 
  • The award was instituted by integrated energy company,

CNR Rao received the award for his work on metal oxides, carbon nanotubes and other materials and a 2-dimensional systems like graphene, boron-nitrogen-carbon hybrid materials, and molybdenum sulfide (Molybdenite – MoS2) for energy applications and green hydrogen production.

About Eni Awards:

i.The Eni Awards was established in 2008.

ii.The awards became an international benchmark for energy innovation.

Other Winners of Eni Award 2020:

i.Energy Transition award: David T. Allen, University of Texas, won the Energy Transition award for hydrocarbon innovations for decarbonizing the energy system

ii.Advanced Environmental Solutions Award: Jürgen Caro, Universities of Hanover and Jörg Kärger, Universities of Leipzig received the Advanced Environmental Solutions Award for the protection of air, water and land and the remediation of industrial sites.

iii.Young Researcher of the Year award: Matteo Morciano and Francesca De Falco won the Young Researcher of the Year award (2020).

  • The annual award is presented to 2 researchers under the age of 30 who received a research doctorate in an Italian University.

iv.Research Debut – Young Talents from Africa award: 3 awards were presented under the Young Talents from Africa section

  • Alaa Abbas, The American University in Cairo, Egypt
  • Mohamed Ahmed Ismail Tarek, The American University in Cairo, Egypt
  • Djalila Ben Bouchta, Cairo University, Egypt.

V.Recognition of Innovation at Eni: 3 awards were presented under the Recognition at Innovation Eni section

  • Roberto Millini, Michela Bellettato and Giuseppe Bellussi for patenting a process of CO2 mineralisation with natural mineral phases and the use of the products obtained during the making of cement;
  • Giovanna Carpani, Ilaria Pietrini for the E-Limina (Trademark) technology, linking isotopic and microbial investigations to aid the analysis of the biodegradation of contaminated sites
  • Filomena Castaldo, Orazio Lo Chiano, Alessandro Riva for the ultra-intensified CO2 bio-fixation technology, which is based on the bio-fixation of CO2 by microalgae in photobioreactors lit by an artificial light-adapted specifically for their optimal photosynthesis.

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About Eni:

CEO- Claudio Descalzi
Head Office– Rome, Italy