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Banking Awareness Quiz – First In India – Set 2

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Hello Aspirants,
Welcome to Banking Awareness Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important questions which are common for all the bank exams and other competitive exams.

    1. First domestic bank of India to open a branch in Myanmar is_____________.
      1. Axis
      2. HDFC Bank
      3. SBI
      4. Bank of India
      5. HSBC
      Answer – SBI,Yangon branch is the 54th foreign branch of the SBI.Oct 4, 2016

    2. _______was the first private sector bank in India which was founded in 1899 in Kerala.
      1.Nainital Bank
      2.Catholic Syrian Bank
      3.Karur Vysya Bank
      4.City Union Bank
      5.Nedungadi Bank
      Answer – Nedungadi Bank , Merged with Punjab National Bank in 2003

    3. ____________ Bank has introduced first ATM in India.
      1. SBI
      2. ICICI
      3. HSBC
      4. Axis
      5. City Bank
      Answer – HSBC

    4. A bank which has introduced software Robotics for power banking operations is –
      1. City Union Bank
      2. Federal Bank
      3. ICICI Bank
      4. Union Bank of India
      5. Indian Bank
      Answer – ICICI Bank

    5. In which state India’s first international exchange INX was inaugurated at International Financial Servce Centre(IFSC)?
      1. Maharashtra
      2. Gujarat
      3. Hyderabad
      4. Bangalore
      5. Chennai
      Answer – Gujarat, GIFT city (Gujarat International Financial Tech )

    6. ___________ is the first Non-Banking organization opened ATM in India.
      1. Prizm Payment Service
      2. Tata Communications Payment Solutions
      3. Muthoot Finance
      4. Vakrangee Ltd
      Answer – Tata Communications Payment Solutions

    7. India’s First bank launched ‘talking’ ATM for visually and physically challenged people- ________.
      1. Bank of India
      2. City Union Bank
      3. Union Bank of India
      4. HDFC
      5. Bank of Baroda
      Answer – Union Bank of India

    8. The oldest public bank in India is ________
      1. Bank of India
      2. State Bank of India
      3. Bank of Hindustan
      4. Allahabad Bank
      5. Oudh Commercial Bank
      Answer – State Bank of India , Bank of Calcutta was founded on 2 June 1806. Bank of Calcutta, and the two other Presidency banks such as the Bank of Bombay and the Bank of Madras had merged and became Imperial Bank of India n 1921.The Imperial Bank of India is renamed as State Bank of India in 1955.

    9. First Bank managed by Indians – ________.
      1. Oudh Commercial Bank
      2. Punjab National Bank
      3. State Bank of India
      4. Bank of Hindustan
      5. Allahabad Bank
      Answer -Oudh Commercial Bank

    10. _____________ Bank is the First Indian Commercial bank which completely controlled and owned by Indian called as ‘First Swadeshi Bank”.
      1. State Bank of India
      2. Union Bank of India
      3. Central Bank of India
      4. Bank of India
      5. Indian Bank
      Answer – Central Bank of India , Sir Pherozesha Mehta was the first Chairman of a truly ‘Swadeshi Bank’.

    11. First Bank introduced the Point of Sales Terminal (POS) is ________.
      1.Bank of Baroda
      2. Indian Bank
      3. City Union Bank
      4. Indian Bank
      5. Union Bank of India
      Answer – Union Bank of India

    12. ____________ became India’s first all woman bank.
      1. Dhanlaxmi Bank
      2. Lakshmi Vilas Bank
      3. Suryodaya Finance Bank
      4. Bharatiya Mahila Bank
      5. Utkarsh Finance Bank
      Answer – Bharatiya Mahila Bank

    13. First Rural Bank has introduced co-branded ATM card is _______.
      1.Prathama Grameen Bank
      2.Pallava Grama Bank
      3. Deccan Grameena Bank
      4. Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank
      5. Andhra Pragadhi Grameena Bank
      Answer – 2.Pallava Grama Bank

    14. India’s first bank fully computerized is ______.
      1. Indian Overseas Bank
      2. Union Bank of India
      3. Bank of India
      4. Punjab National Bank
      5. State Bank of India
      Answer – Bank of India

    15. _________Bank has introduced the first Credit Card in India.
      1.Union Bank of India
      2. UTI Bank
      3. Axis Bank
      4. Central Bank of India
      5. Bank of India
      Answer – Central Bank of India

    16. ___________ Bank has started first Mobile ATM service in India.
      2.ICICI Bank
      3. Indian Overseas Bank
      4. Axis Bank
      5. Bank of India
      Answer – ICICI Bank

    17. India’s First Payment Bank is ________.
      1.FINO PayTech
      2. Aditya Birla Nuvo
      3. Paytm Payment Bank
      4. Tech Mahindra
      5. Airtel Payment Bank
      Answer – Airtel Payment Bank

    18. First Indian bank open its branch in foreign country is________
      1. Bank of India
      2. Union Bank of India
      3. Oudh Commercial Bank
      4. Canara Bank
      5. Central Bank of India
      Answer – Bank of India in 1946 , London

Other quizzes to be known:-
India’s First Bank                                                         –  Bank of Hindustan ,1770
Savings account system in India was introduced by         –  Presidency Bank, 1833
India’s first bank to introduce cheque system                  – Bengal Bank , 1784
India’s first private Joint Stock Bank during British rule  – Bank of Calcutta in 1829
First entirely Indian joint stock bank                            – Oudh Commercial Bank, 1881
First bank purely managed by Indian                            – Punjab National Bank, 1895
First bank in India listed in New York Stock Exchange    – ICICI Bank
Oldest Joint Stock Bank of India                                    – Allahabad Bank , 1865
Largest bank and the oldest bank still in existence          – State Bank of India