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Arvind Saxena,first RAW officer in UPSC

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On Friday 8th May 2015, Arvind Saxena, in-charge of Aviation and Research Centre of external snooping agency RAW, was appointed as the member of UPSC, thereby becoming the first officer of 32 year Research and Analysis Service or RAS to be named.UPSC is a ten member body with a Chairperson.


  • After the appointment of Mr Arvind Saxena,UPSC is left with one vacant post. Mr Saxena was due to retire in August.
  • As per the order, Saxena’s tenure would start from the day he assumes the office of the member UPSC.
  • After formation in 1983, all RAW officers were provided with the option of either going back to their service or joining the newly formed RAS with their seniority.
  • So as per the rule Saxena was absorbed as a RAS officer of the 1978 batch.
  • The process of including Saxena, Director and ex-officio Special Secretary, Aviation Research Centre [ARC], in the UPSC in March was stimulated by the government, when it gave additional charge to RAW chief Rajinder Khanna as Director General Security that takes care of aviation wing and special forces inside the organisation.
  • ARC carries out arterial surveillance of the borders using its remote controlled aerial vehicles and other aircraft including MIG’s and helicopters.

Some information on RAW

  • RAW, is basically foreign intelligence agency in India.
  • It was formed on 21th September 1968.
  • Headquarters is in New Delhi,India.
  • The first chief of RAW is Mr RN, Kao.
  • The major objectives of this RAW are monitoring political,military,economic growth in countries that have direct bearing in India’s national security.
  • Covert operations to safeguard india’s national interests and conducting Anti-Terror operations and neutralising terror.
  • Rajinder Khanna, the current chief of RAS wing, joined RAW in 1978.
  • Mr Khanna is founder and driving force of counter-terrorism unit in RAW