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GK Dose For SSC Exam Part 2

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List of Revolutions in the field of Agriculture in India

• Black Revolution – Petroleum Production
• Blue Revolution – Fish Production
• Brown Revolution – Leather/non-conventional(India)/Cocoa production
• Golden Fiber Revolution – Jute Production
• Golden Revolution – Fruits/Overall Horticulture development/Honey Production
• Green Revolution – Food grains
• Grey Revolution – Fertilizer
• Pink Revolution – Onion production/Pharmaceutical (India)/Prawn production
• Red Revolution – Meat & Tomato Production
• Round Revolution – Potato
• Silver Fiber Revolution – Cotton
• Silver Revolution – Egg/Poultry Production
• White Revolution (In India: Operation Flood) – Milk/Dairy production

Human Body

1. Who invented Electro Cardio Gram (ECG) ?
Answer :- Wilhelm Eithovan
2. What is the pH value of blood?
Answer :- 7.4
3. What present in blood helps in the transportation of oxygen?
Answer :- Hemoglobin
4. What carries hormones to different parts of body?
Answer :- blood
5. Which disease is also known as ‘Christmas Disease’?
Answer :- Hemophilia
6. Which blood group is known as ‘Universal Donor’?
Answer :- O group
7. Which blood group is ‘Universal recipient’?
Answer :- AB group
8. Which is the only vein in the human body that carries pure blood?
Answer :- Pulmonary vein
9. Which is the largest gland of human body?
Answer :- Liver
10. What is the average period of human pregnancy?
Answer :- 36 – 38 weeks

Vitamin- Chemical Name – Deficiency disease

A- Retinol- Night blindness
B1- Thiamine- Beri-Beri
B2- Riboflavin- Cheilosis
B5- Niacin- Pellagra
B6- Pyridoxine- Convulsions in child
B12- Cynacobalamin- Pernicious anemia
C- Ascorbic Acid- Scurvy
D- Calciferol- Rickets
E- Tocopherol- Sterility
K- Phylloquinone- Hemophilia


1. India’s first train ran between: Bombay and Thane
2. The world’s longest railway platform is in India at: Gorakhpur
3. The train that has the longest run in terms of distance and time on Indian Railways network is: Vivek Express
4. Train that runs between India and Pakistan is: Samjhauta Express
5. Train running between India and Bangladesh is: Maitree Express
6. Indian train that won the world Heritage Status from UNESCO: Darjeeling Himalayan Railways
7. The Highest railway station in India: Ghum railway station (West Bengal)
8. The Longest Railway bridge in India: Vallarpadam Bridge, 4.62km (kerala)
9. The Longest Railway Tunnel in India (Asia’s second): Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel, 11.2km (Jammu and Kashmir)
10. Slogan of Indian Railway: Lifeline of the Nation