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Abdulqadir Rashik wins top prize at UN challenge for open source tools

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An Indian software engineer Abdulqadir Rashik has won the top prize at a global challenge for an open-source tool.

Key Facts:

  • It enables users to view UN General Assembly resolutions and from this they can gain a deeper understanding of the voting patterns of member states.
  • Abdulqadir Rashik, also an entrepreneur, won the ‘Unite Ideas UNGA Viz Textual Analysis and Visualisation Challenge’ for his ‘Global Policy’.
  • Rashik’s prototype will be made public and shared with United Nations bodies and member states.
  • He will also receive recognition from the Department of State and the Office of Information and Communications Technology.
  • He is also a contributor to Unite Ideas challenges.Indian wins top prize at UN challenge for open source tool
  • He also won the top prize in the Links SDGs challenge for his ‘Links to Sustainable Cities’.
  • He also developed an interactive visualization that identifies the maps that links between various Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The project was the first collaboration between the UN Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) and the US Department of State.
  • It was developed to facilitate collaboration among academia, civil society and United Nations offices
  • To mobilize data scientists and software developers worldwide.
  • To tackle the complex issues faced by the Organization and its Member States though the creation of open source solutions.
  • The first runner-up awarded to Maximiliano Lopez, an data know-how information from Argentina
  • The 2nd runner-up is Thomas Fournaise, and data expertise manager from France.

About Abdulqadir Rashik

  • Rashik, is an entrepreneur and founder of India-based Miavy Systems.
  • He was awarded the Challenge’s top prize for his submission Links to Sustainable Cities.
  • An interactive visualization that identifies and maps the links between Sustainable Development Goal 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities, and the other 16 Goals.