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4th National Protein day – 27 February 2023 

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National protein dayNational Protein Day is annually observed across India on February 27 to raise public awareness and educate people about the health benefits of protein.

  • 27th February 2023 marks the observance of the 4th National Protein Day.

The theme of National Protein Day 2023 is “Easy Access to Protein for All”.

  • The theme aims to raise awareness and promote the importance of having easy access to protein for a healthy and well-balanced diet.


i. National Protein Day was initiated by the Right To Protein (RTP), a nationwide public health campaign, which focuses on raising awareness of adequate protein consumption for better health and nutrition.

ii. The 1st ever National Protein Day was observed on 27th February 2020.


i. Protein is a macronutrient essential to building muscle mass, found throughout the body, in muscle, bone, skin, hair, and virtually every other body part or tissue.

ii. It is composed of long chains of amino acids that are joined together.

iii. The body needs protein to develop strong muscles, a strong immune system, and essential enzymes.

  • Studies and news reports across the globe indicate that protein deficiency has been a problem for many nations for a long time.

Right To Protein (RTP):

i. Right To Protein (RTP) is an awareness initiative to educate people about the importance of adequate protein consumption for better nutrition, health, and well-being.

ii. It aims to build people’s knowledge of different types of protein sources, especially plant protein, to achieve larger nutritional goals.

iii. It is essential for RTP as global citizens to promote protein accessibility and affordability in South Asian countries to enhance health outcomes, lessen the burden of malnutrition, and contribute to the general well-being of the population.

Key Points:

i.According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), an average adult should eat one gram (g) of protein per kilogram (kg) of body weight each day.

ii. More than 80% of Indians are reportedly protein-deficient, according to the Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB), and as per the National Sample Survey, India has a declining per capita protein consumption in both urban and rural areas.

iii. According to the Protein Paradox study of the Right to Protein, only 3% of Indian mothers out of 95% understand the important functions of Protein.