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3rd National Protein Day – 27th February 2022

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Protein Day - February 27 2022National Protein Day is annually observed across India on 27th February to create public awareness and educate India about the health benefits of protein. 

The 27th February 2022 marks the observance of the 3rd National Protein Day in India. 

  • The theme of National Protein Day 2022 is “Food Futurism”. 


The 2022 theme aims to recognise and understand the basics of food science, debunk myths detrimental to food sufficiency and highlight the importance of achieving a protein sufficient future. 


i.The National Protein Day in India was launched by ‘Right to Protein’, a National Public Health Campaign of India to create awareness about the importance of proteins in an Indian diet. 

ii.The first ever National Protein Day was observed on 27th February 2020. 


Globally several countries recognise the 27th February as National Protein Day. 

Key Points:

i.According to a 2015 report by the Indian Market Research Bureau(IMRB) titled “The protein consumption in the diet of adult Indians” suggested that protein deficiency in Indians is more than 80%.

ii.The National Sample Survey 2011-12 indicated a decline in the per capita protein consumption in both urban (4 %) and rural (11 %) areas.

iii.Right to Protein’s Protein Paradox Study states that around 95% of Indian mothers know of protein as a macro-nutrient but only 3% really understand its important functions and consume it.