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2019 Global Diplomacy Index: India ranks 12th in holding diplomatic posts, China tops

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On November 27, 2019 the 2019 Global Diplomacy Index was launched by Sydney(Australia) based Lowy Institute. The index was about the statistics, marking how the world’s diplomatic networks are expanding and shrinking. As per the index, India ranked at 12th position among 63 countries for having diplomatic posts across the world. The list was topped by China.2019 Global Diplomacy IndexReport:

i.China overtook the United States(US) in 2019 with 276 embassies and consulates worldwide, which is three more than the US. Thus US was ranked second in the list followed by France, Japan, and Russia in the 3rd,4th and 5th place respectively.

ii.India: As of 2019, New Delhi currently has 123 embassies and high commissions and 54 consulates globally. It is to be noted that India had 120 embassies and 52 consulates in 2017.

iii.Most popular place to maintain embassies and consulates: US however topped the list for being the most popular place to maintain embassies and consulates. It is home to 342 posts spread in 61 countries. It was followed by China with 256 diplomatic posts.

iv.The US is home to some 342 posts belonging to the 61 countries included in the Index. China, with 256, is a distant second,” Bonnie Bley, the Lowy Institute research fellow who compiled the list, wrote.

v.Biggest drop in posts: Taiwan saw the biggest drop in diplomatic posts, from 22 embassies in 2016 to 15 in 2019. It is now ranked 32nd on the list.

Diplomatic posts worldwide:

2United States of America(USA).

About Lowy Institute:
Founded- 2003.
Founder- Frank Lowy.
Executive Director- Michael Fullilove.