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19th International Animation Day 2020: October 28

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International Animation DayInternational Animation Day(IAD) is annually celebrated across the globe on October 28 and this year(2020) marks the 19th anniversary of IAD. The day is celebrated to recognize, honour and celebrate the artists, the scientists and also the technicians behind animated art including animated movies.

i.ASIFA(Association Internationale du Film d’Animation or International Animated Film Association), a member of UNESCO (the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization)  coordinates and helps promote IAD celebrations globally.

ii.In recent years, this event has been commemorated in over 50 countries.

Why October 28?

In 2002, ASIFA created the IAD. October 28 was chosen as the day commemorates the first public performance of Charles-Émile Reynaud’s Théâtre Optique(an animated moving picture system)held at Grevin Museum in Paris, France, on October 28, 1892.

2020 IAD poster

i.Every year, a notable animator will create a poster for IAD on request of ASIFA. The poster will be adapted for each country to recognize this day as a global event.

ii.Regina Pessoa, Portugese animator created the 2020 IAD poster.

2020 Events

i.ASIFA will debut the film titled, Spiritus Mundi: Animating the World on the occasion of the day.

ii.The film is inspired by W.B. Yeats who saw Spiritus Mundi as the world spirit that provides inspiration to the poet or writer.

Gist about animation

i.Animation is a method of manipulating figures to appear as moving images.

ii.In traditional animation, images are hand-drawn or painted on transparent celluloid sheets that will be photographed and exhibited on film.

iii.Currently, most animations are made with Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI).

About ASIFA:

Association Internationale du Film d’Animation or International Animated Film Association is the abbreviation of ASIFA. 2020 marks the 60th anniversary of ASIFA.

HeadQuarters– Zagreb, Croatia
Secretary General-  Vesna Dovnikovic