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114-year-old Taj Palace becomes first Indian building to get trademark

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114-year old Taj Palace (also referred to as Taj Mahal Palace) in Mumbai has become first Indian building to get itself trademarked, thereby joining the elite and small club of trademarked properties in the world which includes the Empire State Building in New York, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Sydney Opera House.

  • Taj Palace getting a trademark is a unique instance as the registration of an architectural design has never been attempted since the Trademark Act came into force in 1999.

114-year-old Taj Palace becomes first Indian building to get trademarkImplications of Trademark:

Now nobody can now use Taj Palace’s images for commercial purposes without paying licensing fee to the company.

  • Currently a couple of stores sell merchandise like photo frames and cufflinks with the hotel’s pictures on them.
  • Earlier, in the recent past, the trademarked Empire State Building dragged a New York resident to court for using its image as a beer logo. Thus using Taj Mahal Palace’s images for commercial purposes without paying the company a licensing fee may have similar repercussions.

About Taj Palace:

Taj Palace is located in Colabaarea of MumbaiMaharashtra.It is owned by Indian Hotels Company Limited(IHCL), which was incorporated by the founder of the Tata Group, Jamsetji Tata.

  • It first commenced operations in year 1903.
  • It is the flagship property of the company contributing a significant portion to its Rs 2391 crore revenues.
  • Ever since its formation, Taj Mahal Palace has been regarded as symbol of Indian wealth and progress. Due to that reason it was one of the main targets of terrorist attacks in 2008.
  • Currently, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel has 560 rooms and over 40 suites along with spas and restaurants.