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World Blood Donor Day – 14 June

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On June 14 World Blood Donor Day is observed across the world to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation and to recognize the contribution of voluntary unpaid blood donors in saving lives and improving health.

  • Theme of 2015 – “Thank you for saving my life
  • Slogan – “Give freely, give often. Blood donation matters”

The campaign aims to highlight stories from people whose lives have been saved through blood donation, as a way of motivating regular blood donors to continue giving blood and people in good health who have never given blood, particularly young people, to begin doing so.


The objectives of this year’s campaign are to:

  • Thank blood donors for their life-saving donations.
  • Promote regular voluntary unpaid blood donation.
  • Create wider public awareness of the need for regular donation because of the short shelf-life of blood components and to encourage existing and potential donors to donate blood at regular intervals
  • Focus attention on donor health and the quality of donor care as critical factors in building donor commitment and a willingness to donate regularly.
  • Persuade ministries of health to show their appreciation of regular voluntary unpaid donors and provide adequate resources to provide quality donor care.

Why donate blood?

  • The safe transfusion of blood and blood products helps save millions of lives every year.
  • It can help patients suffering from life-threatening conditions live longer.
  • It also helps in supporting complex medical and surgical procedures.
  • It also plays life-saving role in maternal and child care and during man-made and natural disasters.