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World Bamboo Day 2022 – September 18

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World Bamboo Day 2022World Bamboo Day (WBD) is annually observed across the globe on 18th September to create awareness about Bamboo, which is considered Green Gold. 

  • The day aims to promote the cultivation of bamboo for new industries across the world and to ensure sustainable utilisation of bamboo, a non-wood forest product.

Note – 18th September is also celebrated as the Royal Thai Forestry Day


i.In 2009, during the 8th World Bamboo Congress in Bangkok, Thailand the World Bamboo organisation (WBO), with the support of the Royal Forest Department of Thailand, formally recognised 18th September as World Bamboo Day.

ii.The delegates from nearly 100 countries agreed to commemorate this day as World Bamboo Day.

ii.This was initiated by Kamalesh Salam from Assam during his tenure as president of WBO from 2007 to 2009.

  • The 1st ever Bamboo day was celebrated on 18th September 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand.


i.According to the WBO, bamboos grow naturally in many parts of the world but are not utilised in a sustainable manner.

ii.WBD promotes the cultivation of bamboo for new industries around the world and also supports traditional uses for the economic development of the community.

About Bamboo:

i.Bamboos are native to Asia, Africa, South America, North America and Australia. India contributes to 2 percent of bamboo supply and China is the latest producer and exporter of bamboo with 65 percent of bamboo supply.

ii.The bamboos are used as a food, an alternative of wood for building and construction material and also for making handicrafts and paper.

iii.They do not require fertilisers, pesticides, or chemicals to grow, as their fallen leaves provide the necessary nutrients which are recycled back into the soil.

  • Bamboos are the fastest growing plant in the world that grows around 30 cm each day and are good soil binders that benefit in soil conservation.

Bamboos in India:

i.The Indian Forest Act 1927, declared bamboo as a tree which prohibited it from cutting and transporting.

ii.In 2017, after the amendment of section 2(7) of the Indian Forest Act 1927 , parliament declared that bamboo is not a tree and does not require permission for felling and transporting.

Note – The total Bamboo bearing area in India is estimated to be 15.69 million hectares.

About World Bamboo Organisation (WBO):

Executive director & CEO  – Susanne Lucas
Establishment – 2005
Headquarters – Antwerp, Belgium