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Women’s wages remain unchanged in 20 years: ILO Report

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Women have actively involved themselves in various works across the world yet the gender inequality in terms of income and work quality still remains unchanged in the past 20 years. This was revealed in the International Labour Organization’s Report.

Flash points

  • On International Women’s Day, a new ILO report, Women at Work: Trends 2016 was released
  • The report noted that women are over represented in clerical service and sales work, which are among the lowest paying jobs
  • Across the globe, the gender gap has just closed by 6% compared to 1995
  • The employment to population ratio remains 46% for women whereas it is 72% for men in 2015
  • The proportion of women above retirement age receiving a pension is on average 6 percentage points lower than that of men
  • Though women have improved their educational Qualification the report shows that it has not been reflected in the employment
  • In terms of wages, the results in the report confirm previous ILO estimates that globally, women still earn on average 77 percent of what men earn
  • Women work for longer hours per day in both paid and unpaid work than men

In developed economiesILO

  • Women work for 8 hours 9 min per day
  • Men work for 7 hours 36 min per day

In developing economies

  • Women work for 9 hours 20 min per day
  • Men work for 8 hours 7 min per day

Points to note

  • The ILO theme for International Women’s Day 2016 is “Getting to Equal by 2030: The Future is Now