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MoSPI’s Publication ‘Women and Men in India 2022’: Women in India hold 35.23% of Accounts in SCB with 20.07% of Deposits

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Women in India own 35%According to the publication of Social Statistics Division(SSD), National Statistical Office (NSO), Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation (MoSPI), “Women and Men in India 2022”, Women in India holds 35.23% of bank accounts in all Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCB), but only with 20.07% of total deposits.

  • The 24th annual publication “Women and Men in India 2022” (A Statistical Compilation of Gender related Indicators of India), was released by Rao Inderjit Singh, the Minister of State (Independent Charge), MoSPI, on March 15, 2023 at New Delhi, Delhi.

Key Findings of the Publication:

i.Women own over one-third of deposit accounts but only one fifth of the total deposit amount in SCBs.

  • As per the publication, the total number of deposit accounts in SCBs at the end of January 2023 was 225.5 crore, out of which around 79.44 crore are owned by women.
  • As on January, 2023, out of total workforce in all SCBs, around 22.97% officers, 30.74% clerks and around 16.40% sub-ordinates are female.

ii.As per data of Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS), women officials working at managerial positions in India was reduced from 18.8% in 2020 to 18.1% in 2021.

  • In 2021,the highest percentage was seen in Mizoram (41.5%) followed by Sikkim (32.5%), Manipur (31.1%), Meghalaya (30.9%) and Andhra Pradesh (30.3%).
  • Around 45.6% of Elected Representatives in Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) were women.
  • Representation of Women in the Central Council of Ministers in 2020 was about 14.47%

iii.Wage Disparity: As per PLFS for the period July 2021 to June 2022, around 16.5%  women workers are getting regular wage or salary whereas for men it was 23.6% and for overall value is 21.5%.

iv.Share in Unpaid work: At All-India level, female population (of age 6 years and above) spent 305 minutes in unpaid activities, 56 minutes in paid activities and 1079 minutes in residual other activities, whereas the male population spent 67 minutes in unpaid activities, 240 minutes in paid activities and 1133 minutes in residual other activities (self-development/ self-care/ self-maintenance etc.)

  • The above values state that Women spent more time in unpaid activities and indicate the low participation of women in the employment sector.
  • As per the report the number of working women is far less in comparison to men

v.WPR: In 2021- 2022, the Worker Population Ratio (WPR) for male population was 54.7 in rural areas and 55.0 in urban area but for female population it was about 26.6 and 17.3 respectively.

  • WPR is an indicator used to assess the country’s employment situation.

About “Women and Men in India 2022”:

i.The publication was prepared by the SSD team led by Siljo V. K. Deputy Director General, Ms. R. Savithri, Additional Director General, Dr. Ziaul Haque, Director, Deputy Directors- Kuwar Alok Singh Yadav, Ms. Deepika Verma, Senior Statistical Officers – Rajesh Kumar Panwar, and Junior Statistical Officers – Ravi Kumar, Shri Rajiv Roshan.

ii.This publication which has been released by NSO since 1995 is a comprehensive document that provides data on a wide range of topics such as education, health, employment, and political participation, among others.

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