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WBA offers membership to IBC

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World Boxing Association (WBA) offered membership to the recently launched Indian Boxing Council (IBC). This will boost its aim to promote the professional boxing in India.

The IBC which was launched last week, has received a letter of support and an offer of membership from the World Boxing Association (WBA) besides an invite to the annual convention of the World Boxing Organisation (WBO).

Also, the IBC has been extended an invite for the WBO convention to be from October 26 to 30 in Orlando.

About Indian Boxing Council

  • The Indian Boxing Council (IBC) was launched with an aim to tap the unexplored potential of professional boxing in India.
  • This will provide lucrative financial deals for the boxers wanting to take the plunge after exhausting their amateur options.
  • The boxers who signs up with IBC would be guaranteed a minimum of 4 fights in a year and Rs 6 lakh as the basic winner’s prize purse.
  • The IBC will hold bouts for the national title, the winners of which will progress to the world rounds.
  • The boxer will get 70 per cent of the earnings, while his coach will get 30 per cent of it. The profit from the bout will go to the promoters making it a win-win situation for everybody.
  • President: Brig. P K Muralidharan Raja