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Waislitz Global Citizen Award

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Anoop Jain of India won the 2014 Waislitz Global Citizen Award for his “exemplified values of a Global Citizen” through his work in founding Humanure Power (HP) in Bihar in 2011 that builds community sanitation facilities in rural India.

The award carried a cash prize of 100000 US dollar in recognition to the work. Anoop Jain was chosen the winner after getting the maximum votes by people from across the world.

In India nearly 650 million people defecate outside daily because they have no toilet. This exposes the public to 100,000 tons of untreated, disease-spreading feces that kill 450,000 Indians annually. Defecating outside compromises women’s safety, and 40% of female school dropouts cite lack of school toilets as the cause. Moreover, men spend up to 1 hour of each workday looking for a place to defecate, decreasing productivity by $10 billion annually.

Humanure Power

​Humanure Power (HP) fights alongside communities to end outdoor defecation as a key step in an ongoing struggle for health equity and social and economic justice.

HP will begin tackling this massive issue in the Supaul district of Bihar.  Bihar is regarded as one of the poorest states in India and Supaul is one of its poorest districts. This is exemplified by the fact that out of Supaul’s 2.2 million citizens, 1.3 million defecate outside while 1.6 million live without electricity. HP will work with communities in this region to improve access to sanitation infrastructure.