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Vice president releases a book ‘My Little Epiphanies’

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The Vice President of India Shri M. Hamid Ansari released a book entitled “My Little Epiphanies” written by Late Ms. Aisha Chaudhary at a function. Addressing on the occasion, the Vice President said that this book is perhaps poetry of pains by a young writer and is a tribute to her for her capacity to experience pain and to transform that in to words. It is a must read for all.

Late Ms. Aisha Chaudhary (1996-2015) was born with SCID (Severe Combined Immune Deficiency) and underwent a Bone Marrow Transplant when she was 6 months old. Since 2014, spending almost all her time living on bed, Aisha wrote down her thoughts to get some relief, to get them out of her head.

In this book, she takes a hard look at her own feelings and what it was that gave her a sense of hope and control. This book gave her life purpose and meaning, something to hold on to. Through the book she wanted the world to understand her unusual life and hoped that it would inspire others going through similar hardships to find peace.