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UN’s World Down Syndrome Day Observed on 21st March 2021

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World Down Syndrome Day 2021 newIn a move to create awareness towards Down Syndrome, the United Nations annually observes 21st of March as the World Down Syndrome Day. All over the world, annually 3000 to 5000 childrens are born with this chromosome syndrome.

#LotsOfSocks campaign – An online campaign was conducted where, people are asked to wear mismatched socks, to spread awareness on Down Syndrome.

What is Down Syndrome?

  • Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder, where a child is born with an additional chromosome 21.
  • This 3rd chromosome in addition to the two chromosome 21 that are generally present in humans leads to the disorder, so it is also called “Trisomy 21”.

Why 21st March ?

As an observance to the 3rd chromosome 21, the date 21/3 (21st March) is chosen as “World Down Syndrome day”.

Effects of Down Syndrome:

i.The extra chromosome 21 affects the person’s physical characteristics, mental growth and overall health.

ii.The patient will have slow mental growth, characteristic facial features, problems in vision and hearing and other such issues that vary from person to person.

Note- Globally 1 in every 1000-1100 child born is affected by Down Syndrome.

About World Down Syndrome Day:

i.First observed in 2006 by Down Syndrome Association Singapore, through its website till 2010.
ii.Later in 2011, countries like Brazil pressured the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to adopt a resolution to mark 21st of March as World Down Syndrome day.
iii.Since 21st March 2012, the United Nations observes World Down Syndrome day annually.