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Union Government released the Road Accidents in India 2015 Report

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The Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari released the report on “Road Accidents in India 2015” and insisted to lower down the number of road accidents and fatalities by 50 % by 2020.

Venue: New Delhi, Indiaroad-accident

Ministry: Road Transport and Highways

Accidents and Fatalities:

  • Road accidents have become the major issue to the Public health all over the world
  • In India occurrence of Road accidents about 5 lakh in a year
  • During accident, fatalities cases are 1,46,000 and No. of injuries are about thrice times of fatalities
  • Main causes are motorization growth rate, expansion in road network and urbanization

Report framed by the Transport Research Wing:

The cruelty of the road accidents and fatalities are measured in terms of number of persons killed per 100 accidents.

Total Number ofIn 2014In 2015Remarks
Road accidents4,89,4005,01,423Increased by 2.5%
Fatalities1,39,6711,46,133Increased by 4.6%
Injuries4,93,4745,00,279Increased by 1.4%
Severity of Road Accidents28.529.1Number of persons killed per 100 accidents

Analysis of the report in India during 2015:

  • 1,374 accidents and 400 fatalities are occurring every day
  • 57 accidents and 17 fatalities take place on an average every hour
  • 54.1% of persons killed in road accidents were in the age group of 15-34

States and No of Accident Cases:

RankStateAccident Case
3Madhya Pradesh54,947
6Uttar Pradesh32,385
7Andhra Pradesh24,258
12West Bengal13,208

  • About 83.6 % of all road accidents fatalities taken place in the above states
  • Mumbai had the highest number of road accidents – 23,468
  • Delhi had the highest number of fatalities due to road accidents – 1622
  • Main cause for the road accidents is Driver’s fault that is accounting 77.1 % of road accidents in 2015

Steps taken to reduce the road accidents:

  • Black spots
  • Incorporating engineering solutions at the design stage
  • Safety standards for automobiles
  • Trauma Care centre
  • Creating public awareness