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Tuo Chiang – Taiwan’s Indigenous Stealth Missile Corvette

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Taiwan launched its indigenously developed missile ship to modernize its armed forces in response to a perceived threat from China. The 500-tonne corvette named ‘Tuo Chiang‘ – ‘Tuo River’ – is the first of its kind ever produced by Taiwan. The defence minister of Taiwan, Yen Ming called Tuo Chiang  as ‘the fastest and most powerful‘ in Asia.

The Tuo River-class corvette costs US$70 million, measures 60.4 metres long and 14 metres wide and carries 41 crew members. It has a maximum speed of 38 knots and a range of 2000 nautical miles (3,704 km) and will be used to patrol the waters between Taiwan and Taiping Island in the South China Sea. The sleek twin-hulled ship uses stealth technology to reduce the reflection of radar waves, making it harder to detect.