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Top Ten most Dangerous Countries in the World

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The United States based think-tank named IntelCenter has released the list of the 10 most dangerous countries in the world, based on the Country Threat Index (CTI), which examines the terrorist and rebel activity in a country over the past 30 days (till 8 March).



IntelCenter’s Country Threat Index (CTI) examines,

  • The volume of terrorist and rebel alerts
  • Messaging traffic
  • Videos and photos
  • Incidents and the number killed and injured in a country

The higher the CTI the greater the risk.

The Top Most Dangerous Countries in the World

Rank Country CTI Major Threat
1 Iraq 811 ISIS
2 Syria 717 Civil War
3 Nigeria 273 Boko Haram
4 Somalia 257 Al Shabab
5 Afghanistan 186 Taliban
6 Libya 157 Civil War
7 Yemen 132 Houthi Rebels
8 Pakistan 122 Terrorism
9 Ukraine 103 Pro-Russian Rebels
10 Egypt 72 Political Instability