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TB notifications to Govt up 38% to 23.98 lakhs in 2019:Ministry of Health and family welfare

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On February 13, 2020, According to the Vikas Sheel,the Joint Secretary in Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Tuberculosis (TB) notifications to the government has been increased to 38% , up from 17.36 lakhs in 2017 to 23.98 lakhs in 2019 Since the launch of the new National Strategic Plan (2017-25).Key Points:

i.However, this does not mean TB cases are on the rise, but that the government is reaching more TB patients through its efforts & closing the notification gap (between estimated incidence and notified cases), referred earlier as the ‘missing million’, to less than three lakhs, with the cooperation of private-sector health care providers.

ii.NSP 2025:  Under the National Strategic Plan for TB Elimination (NSP 2017-25), the central Government has targeted to end TB by 2025,in which it aims  80 % reduction in TB incidence and 90 % reduction in mortality by 2025 from a baseline of 2015.
For this, the government has earmarked fund for social welfare support to ensure patients seeking care in the private sector also receive free and standardized treatment. For the year 2019-20 the government proposed to approve 5075.95 cr for NSP.

iii.In 2018, the government joined hands with the Global Fund to launch JEET (the Joint Effort for Elimination of TB), a private sector engagement program conducted in 45 large cities acrossIndia.
In a bid to incentivise States to move towards a tuberculosis-free status, the Centre has floated a plan under which it partnered with state governments to scale up the model through domestic resources across 125 other districts.

iv.Microscopy centers for the diagnosis in 2019 witnessed  an increase of 20 % as compared to 2018.Also, rapid molecular testing devices has been increased to 1,530 in the year 2019from 1,180.

v.The central Government also planned to provide cash incentive to states, where, If a State reduces its TB incidence by 80 %, it will give ₹1 crore. Similarly, if the incidence reduces by 60 %, it will get ₹75 lakh, while a 40 % reduction will attract a prize of ₹50 lakh, and a 20 % reduction will see an infused additional funding of ₹25 lakh.

About Ministry of Health and Family Welfare:
Founded– 1976
Headquarters– New Delhi
Union Minister– Harsh Vardhan