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Seven Gold Medal for India In International Speed Skating Championships

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In the recently held Hong Kong Speed Skating Championships, India totally grabbed 14 medals out of which seven were gold. There were participants from China Bangladesh and HongKong etc.In the event that was organised by  Doon Yuen from Checkers Sports Club in Hong Kong.

  • Eleven year old Kushi Shah was the star performer where she won gold medals in 3 races held over distance of  250,500 and 1000mts.
  • This was a big achievement for India.


About Speed Skating

  • It is a competitive form of Ice Skating where the participants race each other in travelling a certain distance on skates.
  • Different types of speed skating are long track speed skating, short track speed skating and marathon speed skating.
  • The standard rink for long track is 400mts long, but tracks of 200, 250 and 333.5 are also used occasionally.
  • International federationwas founded in the year 1892, the first for any winter sport event.
  • Norway and Netherlands are the 2 countries where this sport is highly popular.
  • There are top international rinks in other countries such as Canada, Germany, Italy,Japan,Russia etc.
  • The short track speed skating takes place in small rinks on a 111.12m oval size.
  • The 1956 tournaments were the last Olympic competitions on natural ice after that from 1960 onwards artificial ices were used.

Some facts on Hong kong

  • Hong Kong was founded on August 29th 1842.
  • It is a city state with highest degree of autonomy.
  • It is located on the southern coast of China at the Pearl River Estuary and South China Sea.
  • Hong Kong is well known for its expansive skyline,deep natural harbour and extreme population density.
  • 6%of the population of Hong Kong is of ethnic Chinese.
  • In 2014 Global Index Scale, it ranks 5th after New York City, London ,Tokyo and Paris.
  • Hong Kong is the 3rd most financial centre after New York and London.
  • The public transportation of Hong Kong, covering 90% of population.
  • Hong Kong dollars is the worlds 13th most traded