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SBI PO Prelims 2015 – Exam Experience 20th June

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Hello, friends.

As many of you have already appeared for SBI Prelims, and we genuinely believe, that all of you did well as per your preparation levels. :)

And the Prelims is not over yet, so, each of you who are done with their exams are kindly requested to share your experience with us.

And for the time being, I am sharing one mail, which I received yesterday from one of our readers, who shared his exam experience. It may answer few of your exam queries.
I have edited it for minute grammatical and logical errors,without any fabrication. Hope you will find it useful :)

Hello mam,

I have been an avid follower of your website.All the reading material and practice tests, that I find here are pretty useful. And that would be no exaggeration to say that I never gone for any paid tests for SBI Prelims, still was able to attempt 69 questions with more than 90% accuracy.
So, Out of goodwill, I wish to share my exam day experience with you.

Day : Saturday (20th June)
Time : 3:30 pm slot
Venue : Model Public School, Vadnagar

Since the day, I received my admit card, I was in a state of panic, as I never attended any Bank exam earlier. Though decently prepared, I was nervous, as Bank exams are known for their low ratio of selections to total number of appearing students.

Pre-Exam time :
The whole may, every day, I used to solve 50 questions from Quant as it always haunts me to apply even the very basic mathematical operations accuately. I am from a Non-Engineering Background, so Maths was always my weak portion in Academics.
I used to solve it from RS Aggarwal, few notes that my elder sister gave me and previous year sample papers.For Reasoning, I solely was dependent on one book by Arihant Publications.
And rest practising the papers.For English, I used to follow Affairs Cloud English Quizzes and Previous years’ papers. Also, I acquired the habit of reading newspapers since few months back.

Guys, I am telling you its way different appearing in real exam than what we think while solving questions at our homes. It is just too different. Number of attempts get reduced by the factor proportion to your anxiety levels. And without your ever realising, you just flow with the high amounts of adrenaline, which nothing, but causes utter disappointment after your exam.

Fortunately, I was quite aware of my state of mind throughout on my exam day. I tried to be confident and determined to attempt equally from all sections, without wasting much time on any single question.

On Exam Day:

I took adequate sleep the night before. On the exam day, I reached my venue half an hour earlier, as I was not sure of its location beforehand.I patiently waited for guards to let us inside the premises. After my documents being checked, I headed towards my classroom which to my big surprise, had only 2 other guys. But anyway, that was not an issue.
After few more formalities, the instructor asked us to begin the exam.

And suddenly, all wise thoughts disappear, all the preparation days, hard work put in, sleepless nights flashed in front of my eyes. I just got blank for a minute or so. I wanted to decide, which section to attempt first, as I was quite aware of this fact that choosing the right section at first can enhance or kill your morale throughout the exam.
I carefully analysed the whole paper without jumping to any particular section.That took my 4-5 minutes. But I knew, I was doing wise thing. So, I kept my anxiety levels down. Though I was struggling hard to keep myself cool, no matter it was way difficult doing than writing here.
I started with Quantitative Aptitude, as I was well prepared for that. I solved Quadratic Questions at first, left the series questions as it may turn out to be time consuming. Then I solved few Percentage related problems, Then Data Interpretation, I did 17 questions in all. 27 minutes already passed, so I decided to move to my second battlefield i.e Reasoning, I was not comfortable with Circular and Linear Arrangements, So, I did Syllogisms and Input/Output Questions first.
Rest of the questions I did selectively, overall 25 attempts, with 90 % accuracy.
Next 23 minutes passed too, Now only 10 minutes left for English, I know its time to be a Ninja leaving my ordinary mental and physical powers. Without giving any damn to other students, I started reading the Reading Comprehension aloud, of course, not that loud ! Lol
Believe me, it appeared that the passage would never end. After reading 4-5 paragraphs, I decided to move towards the questions, but had to left 3 questions as I was not clear given I hadn’t read the full paragraph. I checked the time. 5 minutes left. Then, I was reading with the speed I never ever read in my entire life. I knew the accuracy too has to be taken care of!
Luckily, I found the Sentence Rearrangement questions easier, so, I did that in 2 minutes. Then I went for Fill in the blanks, 5 questions done in 2 minutes. And I didn’t have any idea or I was just too busy in completing rest of the questions, I didn’t count any of my attempts in last minute.

There, the pop-up flashed.
“ Your time has ended.Your responses have been saved.”

After seeing the total attempts to be 69, I took a sigh of relief as in Affairs Cloud Mocks, I always used to attempt around 70 questions, so I knew I was not that bad on the real Exam day too.
I looked around the class with a state of content, peace and big relief.
Hoping to make it through the first phase of SBI.
All the Best to all my friends here. :)


Publisher’s note : The content published here is reader’s personal experience. We DO-NOT endorse any particular Books, Material or even the Test taking methodology.

Thank you.