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SBI PO Iterview Experience shared by Raj Shekar

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Hi friends! Our reader Raj Shekar shared interview experience that he had during SBI PO Interview. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.


IBPS PO V Interview Experience

Venue – begumpet  hyderabad
Date – 04/09/16
Time – 8:00 AM

arrived at 7:40 to the venue….had document verification ,which went smoothly. they even allowed people who do not have certificates and asked to produce later. It completed by 9 am.
everyone got their number assigned before going to GD room……..we were given “indiscrimination expansion of cities causing ecological imbalance” topic to discuss
and later prioritization on online retailer” like amazon filpkart etc……i did it avearagely
  then had a interview
May I come in sir
Yes come in
good mrng mam and sirs
M1:  take your seat
ME: thank you sir
M2; what is your stream in Btech?
ME:Electrical and electronis eng
M2: what is electrical and electronics?
ME:electronics generally like diodes etc and electrical how the electricity works in this components
M1: you got rank in TSI math olympiad? what is TSI?
ME:yes sir…TSi is talent search institute
M1: so your are good in maths?you can easily solve DI ,calculations?
ME: yes sir..i am intersected in maths
M1: what about physics , chemistry?
ME: Iam good at those….but more in maths in school level
F1: Tell me famous persons of your native place? how it got its name?
F1: your good in atheletics? tell me what a good athelet should have?
ME: practice is the the main thing ……should be active and eager…….never to lose hope till u complete your race
F1: how is India doing in cricket?
ME: its doing good presently ……it is almost in top positions in all formats….Bcci encurages young talents by domesttic mactches….it will do goodd in the future too
M3 if I will give u 10 lakhs ,what investing options do u have?
ME:in bank or go for a bussiness, shares
M2: how can a bank reach a low person in a village?
ME: he can save the money in banks… inclusion offers a great opportunity for them
M2: any more like loans
ME: yes sir he can get loans for agriculture
M4: do you when RTI implemented from ? and what it is
ME: answered
 ok yu can leave
thank mam and sirs


THANK YOU Raj for sharing your Interview Experience with us.

All the Best  :)