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Sahapedia, India’s first open source encyclopedia to the Art and culture is now live

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About Sahapedia:

Sahapedia is an open source resource on the Arts, Cultures and heritage of India. The Meaning of “Saha” in Sanskrit meant as “Together with” that is used to explore the together the richness of our cultural landscapes.Knowledge around each subject is complex and has many shapes.

Brainchild: SudhaGopalakrishnan, who headed India’s National Mission for Manuscripts


  • To engage, record and share India’s Culture wealth
  • For Knowledge
  • Resemblance to the word Encyclopedia


In order to alleviate the difficulties in getting access to archives and Libraries, the researcher thought that how difficult it would be for common people to find the correct information.

  • He planned to make such classified collections and documents accessible to the common people

Researcher Sudha Gopalkrishnan Views:

  • It would be majestic to have a cultural knowledge resource in Online that can be easier for common people
  • Amateur Enthusiasts could share their writings, images or creative expressions


Focus on 10 fieldsSahapedia

  1. Performing Arts
  2. Literatures and Languages
  3. Visual and Material Arts
  4. Knowledge Traditions
  5. Practices and Rituals
  6. Histories
  7. Institutions
  8. Natural Environment
  9. People
  10. Built Space

Every fields can be accessed vide module so that people and artists can classify the fields and bring out interdisciplinary linkages. And also interviews with scholars and Practitioners.

Future plans:

  • Sahapedia set to remain free and maintain the sustainability
  • Develop a parallel programme of revenue generating activities including CSR
  • It will work on developing tools and content for Students, teachers, parents and schools
  • And also it expands its ambition to South Asia