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Review of RBI Grade B Mains Exam

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Dear Readers,
It was conducted today in all India except Chennai region where the paper will be conducted on the 14th of this month.

The Phase-II examinations consisted of three papers :-
Paper-I : Economic & Social Issues (MCQ) – 1½ hours – 100 marks
Paper-II : English (Descriptive) – 1½ hours – 100 marks
Paper-III : Finance & Management/ Economics/ Statistics (MCQ) – 1½ hours – 100 marks

Economic and Social Issues :
In this, there were in all 51 questions. Paper was easy as most of the questions were related to the current events.
The break-up of the questions are as follows :
a) 15 questions- 1.5 mark each
b) 19 questions- 2.5 mark each
c) 6 questions- 5 mark each

Some Questions asked in this section :
1) Who has been appointed as President of NDB Bank?
2) Aim of National Manufacturing Policy?
3) Aim of MUDRA Bank?
4) Main aim of National Mission for Green India with MGNREGS?
5) Which services payment bank can provide?
6) What are the special benefits provided under PMJDY?
7) Global Competitiveness Index Report 2014-15, India’s rank has changed from which level to which level?
8) Chairman of 14th Finance Commission?
9) How much share inhanced in the recommendation of 14th Finance Commission?
10) Who wrote “Poor Economics”?
11) India is not a member of SAARC/ASEAN/BRICS/FATP?
12) The saving rate of the country for the year 2013-14 was?
13) The Economic Survey estimated the GDP of India at current market prices for the year 2014-15?
14) According to the Economic Survey 2014-15,the contribution percentage of the services sector? 
15) Foreign Exchange Reserves of the country as at the end of the 30th October was around?
16) Which Index RBI is using for measuring Inflation?
17) According to Census 2011, India’s current urban population and how much they contribute to India’s GDP?
18) What change make GOI in the method of calculating GDP?
19) Which CM heads the Task Force for Skill Development under NITI Aayog?
20) Current sequence of the scheme rural credit?
21) Which area is not covering by Bali Trade Agreement?
22) Which organization published World Happiness Index 2015?
23) During 10th Plan period to 11th Plan period change in the contribution of agriculture sector to the Indian Economy?

English :

One question was on Essay Writing (50 marks) and One Questions was Precise Writing (50 marks).
(a)The Essay topics which were asked in today’s exam :
(The students have to write the essay of about 400 words)
1. Is India need bold capital investment?
2. Gold Related Scheme
3. Is progress possible without peace?
4. Will china’s downturn help India?
5. Climate catastrophe are due to man’s wild construction.

(b) Precise Writing : (The students have to write the essay of about 400 words) 

The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) will start working closely with banks to kick-start the government’s Start-Up India initiative in both rural and urban India.Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said the government would ensure that startups don’t run out of money and that their equity requirements don’t go unattended. The minister was talking to the media on the sidelines of a Ficci event.
The department is spearheading the Start-Up India initiative announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day address. Sitharaman said DIPP would work with banks across the country, espcially in rural areas. “If each of these (bank) branches gives tribal or Dalit population something to start up with, it would take the whole startup and innovate India (initiative) thought to district level,” she said.
DIPP is also working on ways to reach out to the urban educated and the deprived section of the society to build entrepreneurship. “All over the country, youngsters are coming up with ideas of entrepreneurship . They don’t have time to wait, we don’t have time to lose,” Sitharaman said. The commerce minister said there is a need for greater participation of industry in driving ahead the movement of Skill India.
“India needs an ecosystem where talent and skills can be nurtured. Through our .`10,000 crore fund of fund for startups, we will provide soft loans, capital to those who want to start fresh enterprises,” she said.
The skill development and entrepreneurship ministry currently offers certified training in 31 different sectors under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana. Sitharaman, in another event organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry, said India, which ranked 142 in the World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ index, is likely to fare better this year as the government has taken several steps to improve the standing.

Finance & Management/ Economics/ Statistics :
In this, there were in all 51 questions. All questions were doable and related to the current events. 
The break-up of the questions are as follows :
a) 20 questions- 1 mark each = 20 Marks
b) 25 questions- 2 mark each = 50 Marks

c) 6 questions- 5 mark each = 30 Marks


Overall, the paper was easy. In each section, students found the 90 minutes time frame more than sufficient. All the best for your result. :) 

If you have remember any other question comment below.