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Renowned Indologist awarded prestigious Israel Prize

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Professor David Shulman the renowned Indologist had been awarded the prestigious Israel Prize for his infiltrate studies in fields like religion and philosophy.

Renowned Indologist awarded prestigious Israel Prize

Key Highlights

  • Israel Prize is considered the country’s highest honour presented annually on Independence Day.
  • Those who have displayed excellence in their fields, or have contributed strongly to Israeli culture or the State are the owner of the prize.
  • He had made an important role to research management and teaching in Israeli universities.

About Israel Prize

  • The Israel Prize is an award given out by the State of Israel  regarded as the state’s highest honour.
  • It is presented annually on Israeli Independence Day,
  • The prize was set up in 1953 at the programme of theMinister of Education Ben-Zion Dinor.

The prize is awarded in the following four areas

  1. The humanities, social sciences, and Jewish studies
  2. The natural and exact sciences
  3. Culture, arts, communication and sports
  4. lifetime achievement and exceptional contribution to the nation

About Professor David Shulman

  • David Dean Shulman was born on January 13, 1949 in Waterloo, Iowa.
  • He is an Indologist and considered as one of the world’s leading authorities on the languages of India.
  • His research including the history of religion in South India, Indian poetics, Tamil Islam, Dravidian linguistics, and Carnatic music.
  • He was formerly the Professor of Indian Studies and Comparative Religion at The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
  • He also works as professor in the Department of Indian, Iranian and Armenian
  • He is also a member of theIsrael Academy of Sciences and Humanities since 1988.
  • He won theIsrael Prize in 2016.


  • Capital of Israel – Jerusalem
  • Prime minister of Israel – Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Currency of Israel – Israeli new shekel