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Reasoning Questions for IBPS/RRB Exam Set- 7

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Reasoning section in Here we are creating question sample From all topics , which are Important for upcoming IBPS and RRB exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in exams !!

I. Eight persons P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W from two families are taking breakfast around a round table.Three members are from one family and five belong to other family. Four of them are male members.T, a male member is sitting second to the right of V, a female member. In all cases R has same position with respect to S, who is second to the left of Q, a female member. S is wife of W and is sitting adjacent to her husband. U is sister of W and is not sitting between V and T. Q is to the immediate left of V. W is sitting to the immediate right of P.

  1. Which of the following is wrong?
    1)U is immediate right of S
    2)T is immediate left of P
    3)Q is sitting between U and V
    4)R is second to left of W
    Answer – 4)R is second to left of W

  2. Who is 2nd to the left of P?
    Answer – 3)R

  3. One group out of five groups does not match on the basis of sitting arrangement. Find that group-
    Answer – 1)RVQ

  4. If all are arranged in alphabetical order from the left of P then how many have the same position?
    Answer – 3)3
    Explanation :PRW

  5. How many members are there in W’s family?
    3)None of these
    4)Can not be determine
    Answer – 4)Can not be determine

II. Study the following information to answer the given questions
A @ B means A is husband of B
A % b means A is daughter of B
A $ B means A is mother of B
A # B means A is father of B

  1. Which of the following expressions indicates H is the brother of N?
    1)H # R $ D $ N
    2)N % F @ D $ H # R
    3)N % F @ D $ H
    4)N % F @ D % H
    Answer – 2)N % F @ D $ H # R

  2. Which of the following expressions indicates R is the sister of H?
    1)H $ D @ F # R
    2)R % D @ F $ H
    3)R $ D @ F # H
    4)H % D @ F $ R
    Answer – 2)R % D @ F $ H

  3. P @ Q $ M # T indicates what relation of P with T?
    1)Maternal grandmother
    2)Paternal grandfather
    3)Maternal grandfather
    4)None of these
    Answer – 4)None of these

  4. P%Q$R @ M  how is M related to Q?
    1)Daughter in law
    2)Mother in law
    Answer – 1)Daughter in law

  5. H # R $ D $ N how is H related to N?
    1)Paternal grand father
    2)Maternal grand father
    3)Paternal great grandfather
    4)Maternal great grandfather
    Answer – 4)Maternal great grandfather