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Reasoning Questions: Direction Sense Set 7

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Reasoning Section in we are creating Best question samples fromDirection Sense test with explanation, which is common for all the IBPS,SBI ,LIC ADO,SSC CGL and other competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

  1. A person starts from his home moves 15 m towards east and then turn 45’ towards its left and walk 15m. After that he moves towards west and stop at the point P after covering 15m. Determine the distance and direction of the point P from his house.
    a) South east and 15
    b) north east and 15
    c) South west and 15
    d) North west and 15
    Answer-b) north east and 15

  2. Ram and shyam are two friends talking with each other. The shadow of Ram falls on the right side of Shyam. If ram is facing north then the direction in which Shyam is facing.
    a) South
    b) north
    c) east
    d) west
    Answer – a) South

  3. A boy facing north turns 60’ in clockwise direction and then turns 150’ in anti clockwise. In which direction now he is facing.
    a) North
    b) south
    c) east
    d) west
    Answer-d) west

  4. Q4 – Q6) A, B, C, D and E are five friends standing in a park. The distance between A and C and that of B and C are same. E and C are 45m apart in west-east direction.  A is towards west of C at a distance of 25m from E. C is in between B and D and in north direction wrt B.
    4) What is the distance between A and B.
    a) 26.2
    b) 27.2
    c) 28.2
    d) 29.2
    Answer –c) 28.2
    Solution:20*1.41 = 28.2 mDirection

  5. If the distance between B and D is 35m, then calculate the distance between A and D.
    a) 15
    b) 20
    c) 25
    d) 30
    Answer- c) 25
    225 + 400 = 625
    Distance b/w B and D sqrt(625) = 25

  6. E is in which direction wrt B.
    a) South east
    b) north east
    c) south west
    d) north west
    Answer –d) north west

  7. Yash starts from a point A and moves 3 m straight then take a right turn and walk 4 m, again take a left turn and walk 5m. Finally he takes a left turn and walk 4m now he is facing north, so in which direction he starts.
    a) north
    b) south
    c) east
    d) west
    Answer – c) east

  8. Ram goes 10 m east, then take a right turn and walk 15m and  again take a right turn and walk 20m. Calculate the approximate distance of ram from starting point and in which direction he is now from starting point.
    a) 19 and south west
    b) 18 and south west
    c) 19 and south east
    d) 18 and south east
    Answer – b) 18 and south west
    Solution:SP = Starting point and LP = last pointdirection

  9. A goat walks 10 m towards north, turns to right and run 15m and again turn to right and walk 20m and again turns to left and walk 10m, and finally turns to right and stop. In which direction goat is facing.
    a) north
    b) south
    c) east
    d) west
    Answer – b) south

  10. The distance between A and B is 10m and then they start walking away from each other. After walking a distance of 5m, A turns to his right and walks 5 m while B turns to his left and walks 5 m. Then again  A and B turns to their right and walk 10m and then stopped. Find the distance between them.
    a) 15
    b) 20
    c) 30
    d) 40
    Answer – b) 20

Note : Dear Friends if u know an alternate methods or shortcuts related to any chapter, you can share here.